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Can we say a fond farewell to Tommy Smothers who just died at age 86?

Asked by janbb (62854points) December 27th, 2023
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I have great memories of the Smothers Brothers and their humor. Remember Tommy’s “Mom always liked you best” line?

Any other thoughts or memories?

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They were on TV in my very young years. I remember them vaguely and very fondly.

Aloha oe.

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Very talented. His subversive comedy was needed in the 60’s.

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@filmfann And probably would be useful now!

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I saw a recent interview with them, they were as delightful as ever, all these years later!
RIP Tommy Smothers, what joy and enlightenment you gave us!

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My brother always said that phrase to me. She actually liked him best, though. Thank you Tommy for all the laughs.

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One of the greats from my youth. Shame they were censored by CBS.

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Mom likes you Best!!!

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RIP Tommy.

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Was he smothered to death?

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Bye you Dangerously Funny man! RIP

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He also sang backup on John and Yoko’s “Give Peace A Chance”.

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Years before the TV show I heard a hilarious recording of the brothers singing “Rock Island Line.” Most saw them as a comedy act who sang folk songs, but I always saw their musical genius

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