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Have I discovered a new kink?

Asked by syz (35938points) 2 months ago
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I was bored and downloaded classic Bejeweled, and I’ve discovered that I really like when that deep voice says “excellent, awesome, incredible, spectacular, unbelievable”. Does this mean that I have a praise kink?

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I don’t think it’s a ‘kink’. Everyone likes praise, even if it’s just from a game.

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Not unless you’re also dressed as a cell phone tower service technician…

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If so, then I’m kinky, too. I love hearing that and the classic Bejeweled is my favorite game. Actually, it’s the only game I have downloaded on my phone.

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Does it give you an orgasm like none you’ve ever had before?

~if it is from something you hear, it might be considered an eargasm~

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Whatever floats your boat. The quality of voices can bring about a pleasing effect.
AWESOME, Unbelievable

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It does release some powerfully pleasing endorphins!!! :-}

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In the most recent Star Trek Online story mission, my character got assimilated by the Borg. Got the nanoprobe tubules shoved right in her neck. Now that is a kink.

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Sorry to disappoint, but no.

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