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Where would Trump put the concentration camps for 11 million undocumented aliens.

Asked by YARNLADY (46377points) 2 months ago
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He has vowed to round up all the millions and put them in camps, presumably starting with those working for his various homes, hotels and golf courses.

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Sanctuary cities in liberal states, most likely.

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In Mexico, and make them pay for it . . . or, you know, not actually do it, because he doesn’t really care. He’ll be dictator for life, with immunity from everything, so he’ll do or not do whatever he wants. Or, fail, because he’s a buffoon.

Just keep chanting TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP . . .

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Interesting question. The obvious places would be Utah, the Dakotas, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, etc. – which have low population density and a need for workers, particularly farm and ranch workers.

Of course that won’t happen because that’s where the white nationalist militias are centered and they wouldn’t except non-whites and non-citizens.

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Nothing like that is going to happen. Whether it’s Trump or Biden, what we will see is more of the same. We will get more impassioned rhetoric from Trump, and we might see the return of some harsher policies, but the situation is ongoing and won’t be solved by a change of presidency and some attention-grabbing promises. We may see fewer migrants during Trump’s presidency due to the perception that his policies will be harsher, so that could alleviate some of the pressure on the border, but we all know the system is broken and I unfortunately see no solution in sight. (Not that any such camps would be a solution). As long as America is viewed as a wealthy place of opportunity, the world’s poor and desperate are going to try and come here, often by any means. No amount of camps or walls or rhetoric is going to change that.

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For maximum cruelty, death valley.

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Somewhere cheap so he can use them to make products for him. Does he still have a clothing line? Maybe working on government farms also in Texas or Florida.

Interestingly, the husband of a friend of mine worked in a prison in New Jersey, and he started an agricultural program there. They had farms and the inmates learned how to work the farms, I would bet the prisoners appreciated that option. I don’t know if they sold the crops. It was a state prison not a private prison.

Of course, undocumented immigrants should not be put in prisons, I am only saying I could see Trump creating some sort of model like that. I think detaining immigrants any more than a week is cruel and unusual, and we need to process people as soon as possible.

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On property he owns and charge three time the going rate for rent ! !

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I thought yesterday Trump announced that we didn’t need to worry about immigration anymore because ’‘Mexico has stopped sending rapists’’, no?

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He is one SICK UNIT ! !^^^^

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I don’t know about other cities, but I can assure you that NYC has no room for a concentration camp for migrants nor does the President have the authority to take over city property.

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@jca2 in a dictatorship, words like “doesn’t have authority” are sort of meaningless.

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You’re right, @elbanditoroso. I forgot about that. Silly me.

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I suspect it will be undocumented as to where.

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Middle America, and upstate New York. Places with cheap land, and prison-industrial-complex-compliant culture.

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I would think flying them back to their origin would be way cheaper than housing them. When you provide concentration camps, you need the land, the buildings, the labor to build the buildings, then they need to be fed and they need medical care and whatever else. The kids need education. That all needs facilities and staffing, in addition to the food and provisions. When you fly them back, one way ticket and you’re done.

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Does Canada have the same type of problem?

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@jca2 deportation of Jews was the initial goal of the Nazis. That proved to be too much of a hassle, so they decided to kill them all.

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@Dutchess_III yes but to a much lesser degree. The US border with Mexico is the big problem, because it is so long (east to west) and because it has all of South America to empty from.

The Canadian border is significantly less of a hassle because the Eskimos aren’t crossing over the North Pole to get here.

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Well sure. do we. Usually after they’ve committed a crime and got busted.
But why doesn’t Canada have the hystericis over the border that we have? Is it because our immigrants are brown?

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Build his camps on all his golf courses and put them there.

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@Dutchess_III As was pointed out above, Canada doesn’t have the floods of immigrants over the borders that we have. But I also have read that Canada is more welcoming to political refugees than we are and provides more legal methods for immigration than we do.

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Canada mostly lets in people with money. Idealizing Canada as some sort of open-arms perfect example of diversity and acceptance never made sense to me.

Canada does not border the third world, so of course the US deals with more poor and lesser educated immigrants.

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He can use the now-vacant concentration camp that Biden built, during the pandemic, to incarcerate every unvaccinated person.

Yes, there were people who actually believed that this would happen.

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Here’s some info on how Canada’s refugee system works. of course, no country is perfect and no one’s arguing that they are:

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@janbb I’m pretty sure neither the US nor Canada are at the top for taking in refugees in the world the last few years. Does Canada want some of the Latin Americans coming across? I don’t say that to get rid of them, I only say that because it might be better for the migrants, the US, and for Canada. The US is horrible right now at handling all of the people coming over. We don’t process them fast enough. The states are not working together to divide up which states can set them up and find them employment. the politicians are playing politics in a horrible and immoral way. Really so bad. They need to start sending people back so people who will not qualify stop trying to come. It’s not safe. I just saw a report showing new immigrants freezing outside in Colorado. Breaks my heart.

Are refugees just showing up in Canada? Maybe some do coming across the US border?

This shows 27K out of 94K were accepted in 2022. The stats are kind of weird though, I don’t completely understand them.

Edit: Maybe it is 94,000 from 2001 to 2022.

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I hope it will be around mar-o-largo. And so he’s admitting to hiring undocumented workers which is still illegal when I last checked. Or is he saying that he’s going to throw in concentration camps people who legally work at the places that he hires out from other Nations? Either way, I hope he has a food taster at all those places. LOL Nah, hope he doesn’t bother with a food taster.

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Near airports.

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In central Nevada.

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