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How do I copy a photo id to a file?

Asked by LostInParadise (31899points) 2 months ago
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I want to apply for volunteer work and I need to include a file copy of a photo id, which would just be my driver’s license. What do I have to do to create the file?

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Take a picture with your phone or use a scanner.

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What he ^^^ said. If you scan it save it as a JPEG.

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I do not have much practice using cell phones. If I take a picture, how do I copy it to my laptop?

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Send it to your email then save it to a folder from there.

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I used to have to make photo copies of the front and back of Driver’s Licenses of the applicants I interviewed for driver positions. Put it on the copier with a piece of paper below it. After copying it, turn it over and move it down on the paper. Put the copy back into the paper feed and copy again. Both sides will appear on one side. If you want it electronically, take that copy and scan it to your email.

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If you take a photo with your cell phone:

Connect your phone to your laptop with a USB cable, most likely a USB type C. (It is a relatively modern smartphone, right?)

Your laptop will probably detect the phone and automate some photo app with which you can select and import the file. If not, your phone will show up as a connected USB drive from which you can manually find and copy the file.

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Jellies above are correct.

Take a photo with your phone and then email to yourself so you can put it on your computer.


Scan your ID just like you would any document. The scanner will probably ask you whether to use jpeg or pdf format. Photos are usually jpeg, but you could use pdf too.

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I created a private folder on fb, so i can dowload insurance cards and other docs and upload online.

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I asked a friend to take a decent photo on my cell phone and send it to my email address. This may not seem like that big a deal, but I am not that good at taking photos and I have the hardest time selecting the right letters from the keypad.

From my laptop, I had not trouble reading the email and copying the file.

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@KNOWITALL – not on FB! Nothing is secure there.

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