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What did you think of the Superbowl LVIII Commercials?

Asked by Strauss (23652points) 3 months ago
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Whether you cared about the game or not, sponsors paid millions to get your eyes focused on their messages. And, as was posted elsewhere on this site, many people watch for the ads as well as (or for some, instead of) the game.

What did you think about this year’s ads?

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I laughed at the State Farm with Schwarzenegger and DeVito.

I was appalled at Robert Kennedy Jr’s PAC copying his uncle’s 1960 ad. The man has no shame.

The TECU adds were lame and not at all appealing.

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Why would I want to intentionally watch ads?

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I didn’t find any of them really incredible or particularly memorable. I like the Clydesdales but didn’t really pay attention to that commercial. I missed the Beyonce commercial because I was in the kitchen.

I liked the Jennifer Coolidge one, just because I find her amusing.

I really liked the Farmer’s Dog one from last year’s Super Bowl.

@zenvelo: Temu? I didn’t really care for that one either.

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Totally ridiculous but I just watched the Budweiser ad and teared up. The Bud must go through! lol

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@janbb I just watched this, which is the Clydesdales and is not a commercial but made me cry:

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The RFK jr ad was tasteless, even more so than the DunKings.
No surprise.. I loved the Deadpool one. Looking forward to Marvel Jesus.

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Pegging is not new to him.

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@jca2 Yeah, the snowstorm one. I love the ones with the pup and the horses.

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I listened to the Super Bowl on the radio. You have to use your brain and visualize what’s happening. Also it’s free. HA! Can’t recall any of the radio commercials so they must have been pretty bad.

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I don’t like sports, so I don’t watch the Superbowl & I usually watch the ads the next day. My today got really busy so I still haven’t seen them. Good to know which ones to watch & which ones to let slide without any spoilers!!! Kennedy was doing his best Rep impression today. His PAC put out that ad & they aren’t allowed by law to discuss it with him or his staff until after it airs. He was doing his best to apologize. I still haven’t seen it. Oh well off to remedy that by going to YT to see what I missed.

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Stephen Colbert pointed out that Kennedy was saying he didn’t approve the commercial, yet he put the commercial graphics at the top of his X post.

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I laughed at the Christopher Walker spot.

The Robert Kennedy Immeasurably-Junior commercial made me want to put my foot through my TV.

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Like a Good Neigh-baaaaaaaaaaaaa

I will say that The Planet of the Apes movie looks AWESOME!

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