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Have you heard of the "Goodbye Pie" (Details inside)

Asked by LadyMarissa (16081points) 2 months ago
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Pizza Hut has been offering to deliver a “Goodbye Pie” in certain cities to someone that you want to dump without facing them. The offer began on Feb 6, 2024 & ends on Feb 14, 2024 Valentine Day.

Three questions, (1) Would you send a “Goodbye Pie”? (2) If you received a “Goodbye Pie” would you tip the driver? (3) How would you deal with the person sending you the pie? (4) Any other thoughts.

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1. I would not.
2. Of course…it’s not their fault.
3. I might send them, “Dodged a bullet!” flowers – a dead bouquet.
4. Just another gimmick, and with no class, at that.

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I wouldn’t send one. And I would not tip the driver, because I did not order it. As to my reaction, I would send a message: “I get what you are saying, loud and clear. Your loss.”

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I think it is a splendid concept and an example of targeted niche marketing. Obviously, it isn’t for everybody, but it is clever and unique. Bravo to whoever at Pizza Hut came up with the idea.

Now, to your questions:

1. As the sender- Yes, absolutely I would send one. Why go through the angst of a face-to-face breakup? This is remote control. I love it.

2. No, I wouldn’t tip the deliverer.

3. Deal with the person who sent it? Never talk to them again. (Which is probably the best outcome, anyway)

4. Brilliant marketing

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I can only imagine what sort of “services” these soulless corporations would offer if murder was legal.
Like the complimentary divorce axe murderer. “Until Death do us part ain’t no empty phrase. It’s a promise.”

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I think it would be cowardly of the sender to do it.

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There was a movie (rom-com sort of) made in 2018 or so called The Breaker Upperers which has the same general theme. Outsourced breakups. It was well received.

So it’s not just the pizza world that has thought it up.

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Had not heard. What a waste.

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Hey, Americans flocked to buy Pet Rocks. Why not try something stupid to see if it catches on?

If it were me, I would not bother sending this. I have no problem telling someone it is over and I really have no need to hide behind a pizza. Additionally, this would increase the chances of them trying to get back at me either through some ranting phone call, or some other way that would put them in touch with me again. If I’m breaking up with them I really don’t want to argue with them or waste time listening to them rant at me.

If someone sent me one, I’d tell the driver I’m not accepting it. If I wasn’t aware it was a “Goodbye Pie” and thought it was just a free pizza, I’d likely pick off the anchovies and go to town on it. No sense wasting good pizza. I might offer a piece to the driver as a tip.

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I feel that only a coward would send something like that. Personally, I prefer that you see my eyes so you can tell how serious I am about not wanting you around anymore. I’d want you to hear the seriousness in my voice to make sure you understand I’m serious. I don’t think I’d do it on Valentine Day because I most likely made up my mind before then, so NO need to put off the inevitable.

I have mixed emotions on the tip. It’s NOT the driver’s fault your partner is a jerk. I think that whoever placed the order should pay the tip. Then again, if they choose to break up with you instead of buying a gift, they will most likely stiff the driver as well. As the driver, I think I would decline any Goodbye Pie deliveries as they could become dangerous.

I don’t see it as a good marketing ploy but a lousy way to use people’s emotions to make money. I’m turned off by their decision & will probably NEVER eat there again although they have the best pizzas in my town. Somebody will take advantage of this misfire to open their own pizza parlor & serve pizza that’s just as good!!!

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As far as the tip goes, the sender is able to put a tip when they pay.

This reminds me that when I send flowers to my aunt who lives in a city (the city where the Super Bowl was) I will put the tip on my card and I wouldn’t be surprised if she tips the driver too. It would be nice if there was a way for the recipient to know whether the driver has already been tipped.

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I can’t think of one good thing to say about it. Of course my answer is, no no no.

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Although slightly off-topic, the question reminded me of that Don Maclean hit from 35 years ago.

Bye Bye Miss American Pie

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They reached and made a marketing effort. I understand the attempt. It was bad. It failed.

Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try all over again.

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As someone who once delivered pizzas part-time, I cannot imagine being the delivery driver.
So. I’m supposed to tell a complete stranger, that I just dropped by to give them a consolation prize for being dumped?
It’s already a very dangerous job.
I can see this going sideways, a million different ways.

When, not if, a driver is shot, I hope they sue the shit outta PizzaHut.

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