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Do you see the hyprocrisy of a man who has refused to accept defeat for over 4 years being upset over a woman who simply refuses to go away?

Asked by LadyMarissa (16081points) 1 month ago
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Old 45 has flatly refused to admit that he lost the 2020 election even though he received less votes. Nikki Haley admits that she has received less votes. She’s not demanding to become the next candidate even though she’s refusing to drop out & this is driving old 45 crazy. He keeps asking “why” anyone who is losing would refuse to drop out? Oddly, I was asking the exact same question in 2020 when he was inciting a riot so he wouldn’t have to leave office. What are your thoughts on Nikki refusing to fade away into obscurity?

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It is just like the hypocrisy of the right calling the trials against the orangutan for the various crimes he has actually committed a “witch hunt”, while their own actual, albeit fruitless, witch hunt against the “biden crime family” is based on the lies of a, by his own admission, literal russian agent.

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Not the same when you have been appointed by God.
I personally hope she stays a thorn in his ass right up to election day.

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Or the hypocrisy of them raving about “voter fraud”, while their own orange cult leader actually attempted election fraud.

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I will respect Nikki when she finally gives up if she endorses Biden. Otherwise she’s just another Trump toadie.

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But he’s nothing special. The entire republican party is made up of hypocrites and liars. It’s not fair to single Trump out – he is representative of a whole class of people.,

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Oooh a hypocrite! Call the newspapers!

The man is a piece of shit, period. Nothing is beneath him, and there is nothing he will not say to achieve his own goals, which are the goals of a piece of shit. Why is this even noteworthy? Everyone knows what he is. Everyone who still supports him knows exactly what they are.

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@Smashley then what are they proud pieces of shit?
I think it should be screamed from the roof tops until the more intelligent ones clue in.

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He is “Projecting” and. a POS !

“Witch hunt” equates to the Bidens must be guilty of something – - according to Russian agent! whoops!

“Voter Fraud” equates to “get me 11,780 votes” ! whoops!

Trump is a habitual liar and fraud !

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She’s a safe back up, nothing more or less. The ‘party’ doesn’t trust Trump and THAT is what drives him crazy.

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@SQUEEKY2 – yeah pretty much. I’m of the belief that shouting it from the rooftops only gives them something else to focus on, besides their own internal torment. It’s a morally bankrupt position, which can only survive as an opponent, and doesn’t have the substance to stand on its own.

Like we see in Alabama, it’s only when they actually get what they want, that they realize never really believed in it at all. It’s also the reason they are so impotent when it comes to legislation.

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I agree that Nikki is a toadie & a fraud. In 2016 she swore loudly that she would NEVER vote for him nor support him in any capacity. Then he grabbed her by the ***** & she dropped to her knees. The RNC secretly hates him & too cowardly to say it out loud & they are using her to remain relevant until they can come up with an alternative plan. They are praying that he goes to jail!!!

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Ironically, considering the GOP’s stance on contraception, Nikki is the republican Plan B pill.

Honestly. The DNC should have a candidate behind “break in case of emergency” glass…

What an interesting time to live through. The world is watching, to see the winner of this pathetic match-up. A lot is at stake.

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@MrGrimm888 – you’re not kidding. The slowest motion car crash we’ve ever seen. I find it bewildering how the narratives of the times will be winner take all. A 5% voter swing this way or that in relatively few states could be the difference between “Republicans haven’t won a popular vote since 2004, and Trump has now crushed all of his supporters, again, under his perfect, incredible, fat ass” and “The movement has control of every branch of government on the state and federal level, desires a king, and has the popular mandate to make it so.”

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Nikki is playing the “what if something happens to Trump or Trump’s eligibility” game. If something along those lines happens, the presidency is hers to lose.

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She betting he is found guilt on more of his cases.

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The Koch group withdrew their funding for Nikki, after she lost SC…
I would think that is similar to a large investor selling all of their stocks. Others will quickly follow…

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America, land of freedom. The freedom to be hypocrites, the freedom to worship and vote for a sociopath and the freedom to hate and be shameless. A true Democracy, America!

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Just back from a trip to Canada. They openly ask, “What is going on down there!”

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My guess is that Nikki’s strategy is to hold out to see if Trump gets convicted of a felony and gets forced to drop out. Then she’ll be the only one left. It’s her only chance.

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@Caravanfan – kinda makes me wish the Democrats has a back up ready to go, as well.

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@Smashley They do. It’s just that nobody likes her.

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^Then they don’t have a plan.
There has been ZERO call for Harris. That isn’t a new thing.

Development of new candidates, should have started as soon as Hillary lost.

They had years after her, to find people. They ended up running Biden and Harris.
I’m not sure Biden/Harris would have beaten a reasonable GOP candidate.

The SAME match up? Except both men, are older and for different reasons, are not the best of either party.

It’s clear that BOTH parties have suffered from their combined inability to field a candidate worthy of the position.

The GOP has been radicalized further to the right, than ever.
Trump is a runaway train, for them.

And the dems sat on their hands, I guess.

NEITHER party has displayed that they have the people’s interests in mind, by producing this nonsense.

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