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Have Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky met since the events of 1995-1997?

Asked by elbanditoroso (33227points) February 28th, 2024
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Not for sex, but for coffee..

Just wondering.

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I see no mention of it but I have not read her memoire. I’m doubtful they did after the story broke and Hillary knew, since he lied under oath.

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Doubtful. His affair was an irresponsible stupid risk besides it being dishonorable, but having coffee with her would be outright masochism for him. I would think he didn’t care about Monica enough to see her after being caught. Cheaters can only go so far before they totally self destruct. Some do push too far, he certainly did push, but was able to save himself.

If you mean did they meet up because they had to for legal reasons or if they randomly bumped into each other, that could have happened I guess.

I am not answering from a place of knowing, I’m just answering based on my own gut feeling.

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Maybe for a cigar and a brandy.

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Only in Halloween costumes.

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I’m doubting it. If they were to meet in public, it would be all over the news via the paparazzi.

Their other choices would be to meet at his house (doubtful) or to meet at her house (again, paparazzi). Another choice would be to meet in a totally private neutral spot, but it would require arrangements and there would undoubtedly be someone else who knew (like the owner of the neutral spot) and so what would be the point of that? Too risky.

I agree with @JLeslie that he probably doesn’t care about her. She is probably past him now, so what would be the point?

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@jca2 apparently she is releasing some fancy new line of women’s fashions, and once she gets back in the spotlight, his name will come up.

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@elbanditoroso Unfortunately for them both, their names will come up to each other for the rest of their lives, since it was such an infamous event.

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Clinton still las Secret Service protection, so it isn’t like he can be that discreet.

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I was a bank teller at the time. We got a fax from another bank. It said “When is a cigar not a cigar?” I cracked up!

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No way. Bill is so insulated, his people would never let that happen, and Monica was so damaged by everything that she would never risk falling back into the shit like that, certainly not for the sake of the giant turd who fucked her over.

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