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Do you have any thoughts on the fact that Mitch McConnell, aka Yertle the Turtle, is stepping down as Minority chair?

Asked by janbb (62921points) 2 months ago
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Who might be his successor?

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Who might be his successor? Someone worse, no doubt. Sort of a pattern with them.

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Six years too late.

As for his successor – no idea. Depends on if the republicans are in the majority after November.

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@elbanditoroso Well, he’s Minority chair now so either way, there will be a successor.

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No thoughts about it. I’m not a fan.

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Right this moment, all McConnell reminds me of are two things, his stealing of a Supreme Court seat from Garland and late-night comedians’ turtle jokes about him.

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Moscow will miss their second largest supporter in USA after Trump !

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I’m having mixed emotions. I don’t like him but he has been a somewhat voice of reason for the right wing wackos. I’d rather sleep with the devil I know that break in a new one!!! 45 is now begging him for his endorsement on his way out. Maybe that’s why he timed it for after the election!!!

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I am actually sorry, that it’s his health that’s likely not going well.

Honestly. I wish bad things, on people like him.
Seeing him have his recent public health scares, he had this look of terror on his face. It did not feel good, to see him like that.

I have found that I rarely get anything from seeing people get their karmic punishment, like when I was younger.

I am very glad, he will be gone.
However. As others noted, his replacement will likely be an even worse person.
I look at who they appointed as Speaker of the House. A FARRRRRR-right conservative, with the Bible under his arm.

If Americans don’t elect Trump, then the GOP might try to re-center the party.
If Trump looks like the frontrunner, then it could even be one of the super crazy radicals like MTG. Although I assume it will be a male.
The current GOP will really shock me, if they don’t want a white male to be the SOTH.

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Is he now a moderate GOP in the eyes of Trump followers ?

That means RINO Republican In Name Only !

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@MrGrimm888 I will on his way out could end up having one memorable good impression of McConnell…if he disavows Trump.

To the OP, doesn’t matter much to me who his successor would be only because chances are that person would be another trumpturd.

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I won’t be sad to see him go, but will say this ole Mitch wasn’t stupid and he really knew how to play the game unlike most rep/cons,example Gatze,MTG, boebert, Jordan ,and the list goes on.

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^YES. Trump favors absolute loyalty, over any competent person.
The new guy will be a yes man.

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I can’t stand him. I think of him as an asshole.

He’s going to be the Chair until after the election (so until Nov 2024) and he’s going to keep his Senate seat until 2027, when his term ends, so it seems premature to me to think about his leaving. I know that the other vultures are going to be jockeying for his spot, but as far as having to look at his turtley face and turtley neck, there will be almost 3 more years of that.

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^^Just had this thought that a lot of Republican politicians in Capitol Hill right now probably have an inner trump in them. They’re just too cowardly to let it show like how trump does it. Not sure who is more pathetic, a sociopath or those who allow a sociopath to lead them.

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I hate the results, but I give Senator McConnell credit for effectively playing hardball blocking Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, giving the court seat to a Trumpanzee.

He was good at his job, making life worse for most Americans.

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Finally. Glad to have him behind us.

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If he just looked like a turtle but wasn’t an asshole, I wouldn’t mind seeing him but he has been a total prick so I am glad to see him go. I am wondering if, with his health problems, he is going to be able to work another 3 years, although look at Strom Thurmond, who was in a wheelchair and wheeled around by a staffer.

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@all I couldn’t stand many things Mitch McConnell did but I suspect what we will get is someone much, much worse – a Trumpster who will obstruct and never compromise. In recent years, McConnell seemed to be working at times with Schumer and Trump is set on building a coalition of the unwilling.

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I’m glad to see him go and wish him well.

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Good riddance. He hurt a lot of people with his power over the years.

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Good Riddance is correct. His wife has ties into the Chinese government and they have gotten rich off it. When she was in the Transportation Dept she was using her position to enrich her, Mitch, and her family. McConnell is part of the problem that is Washington DC. He should go, Swalwell should go, anyone with ties to China should go. That includes the Bidens. Hunter’s actions involving companies that are “headed” by Communist Party intelligence people is a threat to national security.

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Oh! as for who would be a good successor for him? I’d suggest Rand Paul. He is level headed and intelligent. A bit of a Libertarian but that is a good thing. He isn’t a radical Republican but he doesn’t take shit either.

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Wait @seawulf575 he is a GOP member of the Senate . . . ! Trump was supported by him by blocking Obama’s SCOTUS choices – - Roe V Wade was reversed because of MOSCOW MITCH.

Hitler maybe a choice @seawulf575, really !

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@Tropical_Willie Once again you make the flawed assumption that I’m a Republican. I will tell you again: I. AM. AN. INDEPENDENT. I can look at issues on both sides. Unfortunately these days the Dems don’t have anything good to offer so they catch a lot of crap from me.

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You sir are not connected with reality ! ! ! !

I did nor say you were a Republican !

“Moscow Mitch” is a member of the GOP !

Once again maybe Hitler should replace Moscow Mitch ! ! !

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Trump is true scum. But can we stop comparing him to Hitler.
No matter how much he resembles him when speaking, he is thankfully NOT Hitler.
I’m not saying that he can’t make up some distance, if he’s reelected.

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The WS want a person to replace Mitch that is “far far right” !

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