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What are some "victimless crimes" that should be OK for everyone else to do?

Asked by ragingloli (51951points) 2 weeks ago
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Since according to some it is completely fine to overvalue your assets to gain favourable loans, while simultaneously undervaluing the same assets to pay less taxes, what are some things the common person should be allowed to do?
– Overvaluing your possessions to get higher insurance payouts
– Lying on your tax forms to pay less taxes.
– lying about your income to qualify for government assistance
– pretending to be a military veteran to get special treatment in everyday life

what other “victimless crimes” should you be allowed to do, according to the orange one’s “logic”?

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NSFW in public washrooms.

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Conrad Black went to the Supreme Court to argue that every employee is expected to steal from their employer, adujsted to more the higher rank you are in the company.

I don’t know how the case went.

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Also Trump pardoned Conrad Black in 2019.

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Rape, forced touching, bribery, non-payment of debts, draft dodging, treason, slumlord practices to remove low income tenants, incitement to violence, abuse of office, exchanging pardons to felons for political favor, education fraud, encouraging a foreign power to break American law for personal political gain, abuse of power, breaking an oath of office, self-dealing, perjury, misuse of funds, money laundering, solicitation of bribery, solicitation of bribery for political appointments, feeding McDonalds to Trevor Lawrence, crimes against the color orange, just the stuff that doesn’t hurt anyone.

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A man in a store was once being robbed,
No one would help him, the small store was mobbed.
The burglars what that returning cash would be funny,
So they gave the poor guy back all of his money.

that is a victimless rhyme.

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I bow before your poetic prowess. Only a lyrical genius could come up with rhyming robbed with robbed.

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@ragingloli typo – the second one was supposed to be ‘mobbed’ – I have fixed it

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a lot of crimes that have “no victims” have people who are somewhat of victims indirectly. Like lying about being veteran doesnt make veteran’s life easier, I would argue it actually make’s their life harder. If crime has no victim then its barerly a crime

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Driving through a red light when there no other traffic.

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Should be ok for everyone else? It still is a crime, victimless or not so I think the answer should be nothing.

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