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Accidentally sent colleague a pic of a room with a sex toy somewhat visible in background?

Asked by marmoset (1341points) 1 month ago
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We’re freelancers who’ve occasionally worked together. He’s M, I’m F, and I’m somewhat older and more experienced. We have a casual friendship with a sweet but always non-sexual vibe.

Pic was one of several I sent to congratulate him – pictured room is a special solo live/work location he just got invited to work in briefly, that I’ve previously worked in briefly.

Toy is one of the best-known vibrators, a Hitachi magic wand, viewed from the smaller (electric cord) end, sitting on a small surface on the other side of the room from pic’s viewpoint. Not noticeable unless you zoom in, but that is likely as he’s excited about the location.

We’ve kept on chatting as usual, in same thread, and my instinct is to not mention this, not delete the pic, and just forget about it?

(Alternately: could delete that pic and text a similar one with a neutral caption like “better pic of the room,” but that would be odd as I don’t have other pics of it that look as good. This is via iMessage and I sent pic yesterday.)

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I wouldn’t worry about it.

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Might be something to laugh about later on. I wouldn’t worry about it. The question does need to be asked: why was there a sex toy in your work location? What sort of work do you do?

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I would just delete it and send a “better” version. Say it is a better view, or a wider view or lower res, etc., anything to justify sending the improved version.
Just do it. You won’t have to worry about it again.

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“It is a microphone. I like to do karaoke”.
As long as it is not a bad dragon product, just ignore it.

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Reason number 532 that I love Fluther. Great question!

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Looking at a picture of one, I would not have known WTH it was myself. Don’t worry about it.

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Kind of relates to Shemarq’s Related Q at right——>

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@seawulf575 The question explicitly doesn’t need to be asked, unless the asker chooses to ignore the obvious logic of the question (could colleague and I be in a sex-related field?), the spirit of the question, AND the phrase “live/work.” There’s zero wrong with sex work. There is something wrong with your “need” to make this response.

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@seawulf575 The OP could have been at home on a Zoom call or something.

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I’m guessing he didn’t notice it. If he did notice it and he’s diplomatic, he won’t mention it.

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@LuckyGuy had the best idea – just take a new pic and send it. Say “here’s a better one.”

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@marmoset Sorry if I offended you. The question implied you worked with this gentleman periodically and that he was going to be using the room. It was the room you had been using. And there was a sex toy in it. It raises many questions and yes, I’m just crass enough to ask them. So what do you do for a living?

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@Caravanfan I didn’t get that the room in question was in her home since he was getting moved into a position to start using it. That’s what confused me.

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Those things work great for “muscle aches”

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I’d do nothing!!! He probably won’t even notice. If he does, I doubt that he’ll say anything. Sending a better pic might make him look to see what is different & he’ll be sure to see it!!! If, by chance anybody does see it, play dumb…I wonder where that came from??? That’s not the brand that I use. LoL

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My impression was also what @seawulf575‘s was – that it’s not the OP’s room, since the OP didn’t say it was. The OP said “pictured room is a special solo live/work location he just got invited to work in briefly, that I’ve previously worked in briefly.”

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@marmoset Did you text the picture directly, or did you send a link to something hosted elsewhere. If you texted it directly, there is no deleting it. Removing a text from your phone doesn’t remove it from his phone. But if the picture is on an image hosting site, the first thing to do is check to see if you can edit the picture directly. Crop out the toy and be done with it. Otherwise, see if you can replace the photo that appears at that link. If neither option is available, follow @LuckyGuy‘s advice and just delete it before sending a new link even if it’s hard to justify. And if he asks to see the old picture again, crop it first this time!

@seawulf575 @jca2 The room is described as “a special solo live/work location he just got invited to work in briefly, that I’ve previously worked in briefly.” My interpretation is that it’s a place where employees temporarily both live and work and that the photo is from a time when she was living/working there. Honestly, it’s not a familiar setup to me and not something that would spring to mind. If it hadn’t been brought up in the discussion, I probably would have just glossed right over it. So your confusion seems entirely reasonable.

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It’s just a wand massager. People use them for all sorts of non-sexual things.

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At this point, all sorts of sex toys are sold at my local Target and Walgreens. No one is shocked. Nothing to worry about.

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Nothing to worry about.

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Shit happens! Welcome to the real world!!!

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