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How much money might you charge monthly if you were renting out a room in your house for a few months?

Asked by janbb (63039points) 2 months ago
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This would be for the husband of an acquaintance and would be on the weekdays until January. They would have their own bathroom and kitchen privileges .

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No idea as to numbers (helpful, I know) but I would start researching by finding out residential hotel prices, and Air B&B prices. I’ll ask my friend who does this what she charges and get back to you.

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I rent a room out of my apartment, and he was added to the lease. When he moved in, I checked Craigslist for comparable room rates. I did the math for the size of the room and applied that number to the rent portion. I added a reasonable amount for utilities.

I can’t give you a flat number, because I don’t know the market in your area.

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Check surrounding area of similar amenities on Airbnb to give you a gauge. Do they get a private entrance and parking?
Long term like that might be anywhere from $1000—$1500 a month but so hard to tell without knowing what the market is in your area.

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$200 a month would cover the room/util/water. Decent hotel is $65 a night. I’m way too OCD to ever allow it but interesting to ponder.

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^^Me too in some ways but this would be very short term and an interesting experiment.

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They would pay with their body.

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I let out a small bedroom through Airbnb for a while and charged the equivalent of £450 a month though I would have given a discount for a full month’s rent and another discount if reserved for an acquaintance.

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@janbb Hopefully yourhouse is a little roomier than my 3bd 2bath ranch. We tried it once and it drove us crazy.

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$2500. Capitalism for win. Make sure to tell them, “I know what I got.”

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I haven’t read the previous.

I will tell you what I see on Facebook, around local towns, for renting a room. It’s 1k per month. A studio is about 2k and a one bedroom is about 2500, minimum.

If it was my friend’s husband, I would charge him 800. It’s a good deal for him, with the kitchen and bathroom use.

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@jca2 That’s the neighborhood I was thinking of.

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@janbb: I wonder what ballpark your friend is thinking, or if she is totally open to whatever you request.

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@Blackberry In the Bay Area, that would be considered “affordable housing”.

Only slightly joking.

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I would go with a percentage, based on how many people are living there, and how many rooms etc.

In several of my old places, the rent would be around $1,200/month for a 3 bdrm.
The master bedroom people paid the most, as they had a connected bathroom.
The hall rooms, were about 20–30% less.

If someone would rent out our tiny room, we would let them pay like $250/month. The had restroom and kitchen etc access, but it was a tiny room in the middle of the house so it sucked.
It was nice having a little extra money, but everyone in the tiny room eventually got tired of it and left.

Lots to consider.

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Depends what your expenses are. To me this is sort of a kinfolk price situation.

Maybe $500—$600.

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This is the husband of an acquaintance, which sounds like not a good friend, but an acquaintance.

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In our area a room with a private bath goes for $800 – $1,000, and even more if it has its own entrance. That includes utilities and kitchen privileges.

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