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Can you suggest some games two adults can play while seeking shelter from the rain in a tent?

Asked by jonsblond (43942points) 2 months ago
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My husband and I tent camp quite a bit. At least a dozen times per year. I’m running out of ideas of games to play for two people while sitting in our tent when it rains. Luckily we have a 4–6 person tent that’s 6ft tall so we can bring our chairs in and be comfortable.

Our current games are Uno and taking turns listening to songs involving a certain topic. The last topic we used was dogs. For example, you can choose Temple Of The Dog, Three Dog Night, or Who Let The Dogs Out.

Speaking of dogs, please no NSFW suggestions. We have two senior rescues with us who don’t need to see that. ;D

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If you have a table you could play Jenga. We always played that while camping.

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20 questions
I think I spy with my little eye
Bring a dictionary and challenge each other’s spelling, or simply open the book at random and learn new words.

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I used to know an older couple, my family used to see when we went camping. They would have a HUGE puzzle on a table, and we just sat around trying ro find pieces that fit, and talking.

It’s a really relaxing activity, as one can contribute as much or as little as they want. No turns.
When it’s finished, they would take a picture.
Big puzzles, with small pieces, can pass the time nicely.

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@smudges You gave me a great idea. I finally finished my medical coding studies but I have yet to test for my certification. I can bring my small medical dictionary.

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Mancala. Ancient game my granddaughter taught me.

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^are you seriously going to make me google that? Ugh. ;)

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How about chess?

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Boggle or Trivial Pursuit

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^^^ I’m googling it now.

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You could try “The Minister’s Cat” a Victorian parlour game. The first player describes the minister’s cat with an adjective beginning with the letter ‘A’ (for example, “The minister’s cat is an aggressive cat”). Each player then does the same, using different adjectives starting with the same letter. The way we played it you took turns until you ran out of adjectives in which case you lost and you went on to the letter “B” but there are variants.

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Just about any board game or card game or pencil and paper game.

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I like dice games. Dice don’t get messed up by the weather. Just need some paper pen and dice. You also don’t need a table. Oh, I just looked up mancala. I remember playing that in Japan. One of my kids friends made it using an egg carton and introduced us to the game. I couldn’t remember the name. It was pretty fun. We used glass colored beads.

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I spy.
Write a story one sentence at the time.

The best case scenario would be sex. So I hope your tent buddy is your lover. In a tent in the rain….indeed!

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It might be a fun opportunity to learn Go. If neither of you have played it, then you’d both be on the same level.

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