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Where is the money going?

Asked by seawulf575 (16784points) 2 weeks ago
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Joe Biden has raised around $500M for his 2024 presidential campaign. But he doesn’t campaign. He doesn’t do rallies, I don’t see a whole lot of ads out there for him and many of those are from PACs, not his campaign. In his 2020 campaign he raised over $1B but, again, he wasn’t campaigning, he wasn’t doing rallies, and his campaign commercials were sparse. So where is all this money going?

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Ads!!! I’d venture to guess that they don’t show them on that right wing BS you pay attention to. One thing for sure is it’s NOT going to his lawyers!!!

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@LadyMarissa I just don’t see his ads anywhere. I don’t see them on TV (and I don’t watch a lot of news), I don’t see any on cable channels, I don’t see a lot of signs around, there just doesn’t seem to be a lot of anything out there. I do see Trump signs out there, I did see ads for the rally he was having in our area, I see a lot of stuff out there for him. And he does a lot of rallies so he is traveling around and meeting people. As a point of reference, Trump has raised only about $75M. I can see pretty well where his campaign contributions are going, but not so with Biden. Now my numbers could be off…I’m taking sort of an average of all the various things people are reporting. But it is obvious there is a huge mismatch in money raised and even money spent. But I just can’t find what Biden is actually spending money on.

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Biden’s campaign spent $29.2 million in March, much of which — about $21.8 million — went toward advertising. The president’s campaign launched a major advertising blitz in seven swing states following last month’s State of the Union address.
But I’m sure you have a Faux News report just waiting for a “gotcha”. It probably says that Biden has the money stashed in his garage, or that his son is buying coke with it.
The article I supplied also mentions that trump is spending most of his on legal fees.

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There we have it folks – @seawulf575 can’t find the information, so there must be something nefarious and criminal about it. Typical.

Why do politicians raise money? Because we have 5 months until the general election and it’s shaping up to be close. So Biden is wisely collecting and saving his money so he can fend off the dirty tricks that Trump will try and use.

Boden is being fiscally responsible and planning for the future.

My guess is that Biden is not paying off porn stars.

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Well, one thing we know is that it’s not going to pay his legal defenses!

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@chyna Thanks, though to be honest, Politico isn’t any less biased that Fox News. And I don’t watch Fox News. But that source accounts for $29.2M of $500M? And no, there is no gotcha. I just got curious. It seems like the money is pouring in and he isn’t really campaigning. So I asked the question.

But the fact that he is spending more on legal fees shows how lawfare is working for the Dems. Every case so far has been garbage, relying on biased judges and biased juries. That is why Jack Smith is having so many problems in FL. The judge isn’t just giving him everything he wants and hobbling Trump to boot. That, alone, boosts Trump’s support with voters. Most people (obviously not you or the other fanatics on these pages) see the entire sham for what it is.

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@elbanditoroso No, I find all sorts of information. And much of it is old, dated, covering different periods, etc. I find one source that says he expects to have $2B in contributions by November and another that says he only raise $170M so far. It is highly inconsistent. I didn’t even imply something was nefarious…I’m just curious.

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And just a curiosity: I’ve gotten 4 answers so far and every one has made accusations against me for daring to ask the question. Very defensive responses. Why?

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Not to porn stars is a start.

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Adrenochrome and jewish space lasers are expensive.

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“no, I find all sorts of information”.
Then can not find the FEC data among the very first google search results, which has itemised transactions, including individual refunds to private citizens.

Are they lazy? Stupid? Dishonest? Not interested in actual answers? Who can say.

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I also watch a lot of news (but not the same channels as you!) and I see ads!

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So Trump is losing money thru legal expenses just like how he made his creditors suffer when he stiffed them for payments. He should just give in, like his creditors, to cut his losses.

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All that is a matter of record and open to the public.

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@KNOWITALL Yes, loli pointed that out.

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He’s going to spend $85k of it to hire a Meme Lord to attract young voters, instead of, you know, doing policy that appeals to young voters, like taking climate seriously, not spending billions to help commit genocide, tax the rich to invest in opportunities, etc.

His consultants get a cut of ad spend, so you can see why all of this is being squandered.

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It doesn’t really matter when no one’s using money properly anyway.

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Biden ads are invisible to MAGA cult members! Oh wait this is in General.

Biden ads are invisible to trump disciples!

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@mazingerz88 you see what you want to see, and whatever supports your lies.

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A seven figure Biden ad buy…

Another ad…

More than 30 million on ads in Feb and March alone…


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Go to a swing state and you’ll see the ads. I live in Wisconsin and I’ve seen several. Here’s one.

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I actually haven’t seen much in the way of ads either.
Maybe because I’m in a Red state?
I know my algorithms, think I’m a conservative. I usually get ads for republican candidates. I try to say aloud that I don’t vote, hoping my phone will relent.

Where does the money go?
If you watch the first season of “West World” on HBO, you’ll notice it’s very experienced to keep a human looking robot like Biden in working order.

He looks a bit different lately. I wonder if they had to build a new robot, because the first model, was falling apart…..

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LOL @MrGrimm888! Hahaha! Chin nuts!

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I haven’t seen campaigning on the part of either one. Course I get my news from the BBC. That’s how I know that trump continues to be a scum bag

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