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What questions do you want asked at the United States presidential candidate debate?

Asked by JLeslie (65568points) 1 month ago
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Biden and Trump are supposed to debate next week (I can’t believe it’s going to happen, I really will be in a state of shock if it does) and I’m wondering what questions the collective wants the candidates to answer.

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My question would be:

Out of the 150 million or so people that could run for President, are you two really the best we could do?

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@Kropotkin: Bingo!

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That’s going to be more of a freak show than a debate. I want to see them field questions they are not coached and prepared for. That would show every American just how insane it is to have these two as the only options.

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Is there global warming?
Should the U.S. remain in NATO?
Should there be a national anti-abortion law?
Should there be pardons for those who tried to fake over the Capitol building?

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Why are you in politics in the first place?

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This is in General. I couldn’t post the only question I want to ask trump in the manner I want to ask said question.

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Billy has 6 cups of pudding, He gives one to Sally and 3 to Jim. How many cups of pudding does Billy, Sally and Jim each now have?

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“Are you Doe 174?”

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“Could each of you please draw a clock?”

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“I’m going to say three words, and at the end of the debate I’m going to ask you what those words were.”

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“Many people are worried about the southern border. What specific actions would you do to secure the southern border to stop the influx of people entering the country illegally?”

“The national debt is higher than it’s ever been. This is a challenge to national security. What specific actions are you going to do to pay down this debt?”

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What is something positive that you can say about your opponent?

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“Shut up man!”

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Will you abide by the result of the election even if you lose?

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What is the definition of rape?

Should yield some interesting answers.

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I see it as political theater and I get too tense anyway. I’ll read the critics’ reviews the next day.

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“Mr. Trump, you and your supporters lost over 60 lawsuits pushing lies about the 2020 presidential election. You and Fox News and Rudy Giuliani together owe over $1 US billion for defamation suits from the election.

You have been convicted of 34 felonies in New York State for campaign finance crimes. and your New York charity was dissolved for deceitful practices. People who think they donating to your campaign are instead paying your $100M+ legal expenses.

“Should a proven fraudster, liar, and convicted felon be President of the United States of America?”

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Mr. Biden, will you release the results of a thorough and independently proctored cognitive test?
Mr. Trump, will you release your tax records?

The answer to both of those questions is of course, no.

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I would ask about the war in Gaza. We have pockets of people in the country who probably won’t vote for Biden because he supports Israel and maybe they are forgetting Trump will support Israel. Or, will he convince people he’ll end the war?

I would ask them if Jan 6th was just calm protestors and tourists and show a clip of the “inmates” climbing the walls of the Capitol and breaking windows, and battling police officers.

I would ask them what they look for in a running mate.

I would dig up stats of how many women need abortions for health or severe fetal problems and ask if they would want their wife or daughter forced to carry.

I would ask them what they think about capitalism and socialism.

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Biden’s approach on this should be like a Muhammad Ali boxing match.

“Rope a Dope” is the best strategy here. Let him babble and let the blowhard wear himself out.

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Mr. Trump, How much freaking Adderall are you taking on a daily basis?
Mr. Biden, Have you considered taking just a little Adderall?

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@Forever_Free it sounds like a reasonable plan, but I doubt it will change his supporters. Whether it will change the mind of people who are undecided I’m not sure. I’ve watched full interviews with Trump and they are very different than 20 second clips shown on MSNBC. He doesn’t always sound like a lunatic. People hear what they want to hear and get amnesia for the rest.

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Any basic middle school social studies test question. Trump would immediately fail.

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This question is for Trump: “What are The Ten Commandments?”

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^^Would it matter? His voters worship him for not following those or probably for even not knowing what those are.

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Nothing. It won’t matter anyways.

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Mr Biden what is your plan to reduce grocery costs and inflatuon repercussions for the American people?

Mr Trump same question.

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