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What is a question that cannot be answered now, but you think may be answerable in the future?

Asked by jfos (7380points) November 10th, 2009
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There are always new advances in medicine, science, geology, astronomy, philosophy, diplomacy, psychology. What question do you think might be answered in the future?

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“Was it all worth it?”

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“Where have all this missing socks gone?”

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“What were the winning lotto numbers?”

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Is there any other life in the galaxy?

How can we produce affordable renewable energy?

What is the cure for cancer/AIDS?

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Why should beer or cola have gas?

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“When am I going to die?”


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How the hell did he do it?

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“How can we reverse entropy.”

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Why did I not thank of fluther?

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Why did you guys fight for oil when you had so many other means of fuel energy?

How did you used to look with hair?

Why did people used to die from Cancer?

So you never studied life on other planets in school Great Grandpa?

I’m having a party on top of the recycled trash heap park, wanna come?

So you used to have to fly in planes, for like hours at a time??? Hahaha.

Why didn’t you just use the molecular oven dad?

There used to be Elephants?

You used to be able to eat Fish from the Ocean?


Son, where did you put my Flux Capacitor?

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Why should we die??????

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@antimatter was that directed towards me or was that your answer to the original question?

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How do I get the “Cake in the Frizzer” award?

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The frizzer does not exist.

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@judochop and neither does the cake…

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No it’s my answer to the original question, why would direct a question to you deni?

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@forestGeek Where have all the cowboys gone?

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Is it possible to go into the future and physically see and talk to yourself?

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What is a question that cannot be answered now, but you think may be answerable in the future?

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of course it is

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@ragingloli I’m assuming your replying to my “future” question. Well, if you travel into the future, you won’t exist from the point in time you traveled from to the point in time that you are now in. So, how is that possible?

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it is possible if you travel back in time after you met your future self, so you can be present again to meet your timetravelling self

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alternatively, you could also travel into the future of an alternate reality in which you never travelled into the future

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@ragingloli Brain = Exploded.

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What causes Alzheimers, mental illness.

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What happened on October 13th 2358?

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What is the cure for the common cold?

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medical nanites

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Are we alone in the universe?

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Are there alternate universes?


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no, see roswell

yes, see many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics

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Is @ragingloli kind of weird?

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the rest of the world is weird

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@erichw1504 Not in the slightest!

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Everything has an answer.

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@ChazMaz I agree.. just because we can’t find it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

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Magic 8 ball says <shake, shake, shake> ask again later

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why is there something?
and not nothing?

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@erichw1504 “What is the cure for the common cold?”
Sushi & plenty of sake. Hey, it worked for me!

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How much to get to one of those parallel universes?

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How many of my Great Grandchildren will I get to meet? (I have three adult grandsons).

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If we don’t push humanity into the depths of oblivion, I’m certain we will have the answer to everything, what we don’t know, what we don’t know that we know, what we don’t know that we don’t know, and what we think we know but are incorrect in thinking we know.

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Here’s a great list:

A few examples:

Does nature have more than four spacetime dimensions? If so, what is their size?

Are dimensions a fundamental property of the universe or an emergent result of other physical laws? Can we experimentally “see” evidence of higher spatial dimensions?

Are there physical reasons to expect other universes that are fundamentally non-observable?

Why is gravity such a weak force?

What is the heaviest possible stable or metastable nucleus?

How do we unify the three different quantum mechanical fundamental interactions of quantum field theory? As the lightest baryon, are protons absolutely stable? If not, then what is the proton’s half-life?

Why is there far more matter than antimatter in the observable universe?

What is dark matter? Is it related to supersymmetry?

Why did the universe have such low entropy in the past, resulting in the distinction between past and future and the second law of thermodynamics?

What is the mechanism that causes certain materials to exhibit superconductivity at temperatures much higher than around 50 kelvin?

It is necessary for computational and physical models of the brain, but what causes it, and what role does it play in higher-order processing outside the hippocampus and visual cortex?

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