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How do I explain to some of the women in my local Mothers Against Drunk Driving chapter that they aren't attractive enough to be in a MILF carwash calendar?

Asked by bolwerk (10332points) December 18th, 2009
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Many people aren’t aware of how serious drunk driving is. Many people aren’t even aware that it’s wrong to drink and drive! I would like to raise money for my Mothers Against Drunk Driving chapter by producing a MILF carwash calender. However, some of the women who expressed interest in being photographed for the publication just aren’t that attractive. How do I let them down easy?

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what the hell?

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Well first of all, what’s not attractive to you may be to somebody else.
Try not thinking with your penis for once. Thanks.

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Why don’t you show them pics of past such calenders and explain it to them…. ?

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“Gee, I’m sorry, but MILF has a meaning, and you are just not that fuckable.”

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oh this is gold.

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They’ll look alot better if you have a few drinks.Problem solved! ;)

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Why am I not getting the correlation between Mothers Against Drunk Driving and a calander for MILF?

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28% of accidents are caused by people driving under the influence of alcohol… does that mean that 72% of the accidents are caused by sober people? is it more safe to be drunk??? I’m lost :s

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I think there are probably better ways to raise awareness than putting yourself in such a situation.

For example, pass out laminated cards at local pubs and bars, outlining the legal penalties for being found guilty of a DUI, including court costs, legal fees, probation, DMV classes, victim impact panel… and the inconvenience of interlock devices placed on your car – after you get your license back after a mandatory suspension period.

Whereas many drinkers don’t appreciate the dangers of killing someone else while driving impaired, they will appreciate the utter suckiness of the $7,000 party.

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“Naaah chill!”

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Why would any woman agree to such an objectionable title for a calendar?

syz (35679points)“Great Answer” (5points)
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I would suggest assigning them to another task associated with the car wash. For example ask them to put together a poster adversting the car wash. When they bring up the calender again stress how important their task is versus the calender. Also point out how creative or intelligent they are . Tell them their time is too valuable to be wasted on the calender.

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Maybe you need to broaden your concept of who is “attractive” enough to pose for a calendar. link

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you tell them they have to dress like pornstars.

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And don’t even consider that they may have lost children to drunk drivers. Just check to see whether they have breast implants. Keep your priorities straight, please.

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Umm, troll much?

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What does the Moro Islamic Liberation Front have to do with drunk driving?

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You certainly must be joking. What respectable mother of a teenage child would want to be involved with anything MILF related? Do they know what it means? Do they know how tacky it is? Do they know how humiliated their children will be?

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Weird. This is wrong on a few levels, and I have no problems with any of the subjects of you question, but the way you are proposing putting them together is just wrong.
I agree with @Seek_Kolinahr. I think it would benefit you to reconsider your project.
Also, there are many other more effective projects that you could do 3 or 4 for the same cost.

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Rofl!! This is soo funny!! Why is it still here??

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@pdworkin When you’re on, you’re spot on. I’m still laughing.

But in response to the OP: It’s called “producing” and “editing”. As well as “photographic skill” and “marketing”.

@Supacase Yeah, that too, for sure.

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I’ve seen em oh my god ha hah ahahahahaha please dear lord

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Why don’t you tell them,their faces already look like a drunk driver ran into them.

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I have no idea, but this is seriously my favorite question in weeks.

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Ir really is hysterically funny to the parents who have had teen-agers killed in driving accidents. Every year during the winter holidays, we lose several, who still believe they are immortal.

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edit: It

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Someone else might find these women attractive. And unless you have achieved physical pefection, yourself, then you have no right to criticize someone else’s looks. Keep your observations to yourself and let them have their fun. If the calendar is really such a bad idea, then they’ll figure that out on their own when the fundraiser tanks.

If you absolutely must say something, then suggest an alternate idea for a fundraiser, such as a bake sale.

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“Life is just a bowl of cherries!
Don’t take it serious,
It’s too mysterious…”

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Tell ‘em you’d need beer goggles to look at ‘em!

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what is MILF?

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It’s an anagram that means “Mothers I’d Like to Fuck.”

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Oh man….this has got to be a joke question…..

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It’s kind of a dead-and-gone question.

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Well, it was just over there on the left so I clicked on it.

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At least it gave us a chance to say hello.

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Well howdy!

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@dpworkin; Wouldn’t the anagram of the acronym MILF be FLIM ( the stuff that forms on the surface of boiled milk) or FILM (that thing that used to go into cameras)?

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@gailcalled The way your mind works! Love it!

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I think you are trying to FLIM-FLAM me.

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@dpworkin: I amb, it seems. So what?

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I don’t recall saying anything about your foot

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@dpworkin: Thank you. I am sensitive, seeing that one is shorter than the other.

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I’m not laughing at this. I’m laughing at the commercials on the TV in the other room…..

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i amb sorry about your feet

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@dpworkin: At least I don’t have three . Do you know that would make me a real anapestic?

(Impossible to find a amphibrachic, I wish, um, that I could have.)

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don’t worry. urapestic

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I’m not sure that MADD really needs the money. It has over $50 million in the bank and brings in tens of millions of dollars each year.

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If they don’t know what they’re in for, suggest that they google “MADD” and milf images with their safe search filter off. (No, I’m not posting the link. It’s definitely NSFW)

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@syz Why would any woman agree to such an objectionable title for a calendar?
The question should be if they know they are hot and attractive, and be it sexy, why not?

@lillycoyote Maybe you need to broaden your concept of who is “attractive” enough to pose for a calendar.
This is attractive, this is not, quite simple.

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^It’s all a matter of taste. Some may think the picture you like is not attractive.

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^ I will bet my dollars to anyone’s donuts a calender of them will sell more than a calender of the other, and I will have a pocket full of coin while I eat their donuts.

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