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What made 2009 special to you?

Asked by Ailia (1363points) December 19th, 2009
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As we all know 2009 is coming to a close, so in the spirit of reminiscing and reflection what do you all think about this year? How did 2009 change or affect your life? Was it something that personally happened to you or was it something in the general news of 2009? I want to hear everyone’s stories and experiences. So to start this thread off I’ll share some of the things that made 2009 unique to me. I started high school and lost a couple of good friends. My grades shot up through the roof and I am doing the best out of my class of 2013 as of right now. I have also become a lot more spiritual and I think I am close to finding out what I want to do with my life. On top of that I found Fluther! Which was definitely an interesting experience. So with this being said, what made 2009 noteworthy for you?

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Watching my daughter grow and learn new things

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German elections.

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i started dating again after a 7 year hiatus.i’m still working for the same company after 12 years.oh and i’m bankrupt.

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I think I can say that so far in my life, 2009 has been the most special year of all time. I graduated from high school, I started going on Fluther, I turned 18 so I became an adult officially, I got into Stanford University and began attending college in this year, I came out to my friends and family as gay, I found out the cute kid I’d been crushing on for 6 years was gay and we begin a relationship this year that we are still in, had my first kiss, broke numerous other milestones, I spent almost the entire month of July traveling with my friends…what’s not to love about this year? Tons and tons of memories, all of which are either logged in photo form or through the music compilations that I am always making. This was an awesome year.

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I gave birth to my second son, I got my first full time job.

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Graduation to celebrate my degree in Occupational Therapy! :)

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I Love 2009. No Joke. It’s the year I fell in love again, I have amazing friends, there were less fights with mes parents, and I met amazing on-line friends. =]

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$787 billion Stimulus Package that didn’t really work – only a fraction spent
10.3 unemployment
The Barack Obama World Apology Tour
The Nobel Peace Prize??? (hhahahhahahahahahaha)
Cap and Tax and Spend
Al Gore – He makes me shoot milk out my nose
Transparency in Government – maybe they are waiting until next year to roll that out.
The $18 million government website that “Plugz” Biden touted and that doesn’t work.

“These are a few of my favorite things…”

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I got to visit the Vatican. And my son paid for part of the trip.
My daughter got the job of her dreams which she worked so hard for.
I learned about AB and it lead me to fluther.
Everyone I love dearly are in good health.

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Paid my mortgage off in FULL. i love the number 9.

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I was lost…but now I’m found.

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Spending New Years on the beach in Grand Cayman setting off fireworks with my boyfriend and our new friends.

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It’s funny you ask this now, because I currently hear Poker Face playing downstairs, and it reminded me of last New Years Eve when me and my 3 best friends were drunk and dancing ridiculously to this song.

A lot has changed since then.
My group of best friends has dissolved. One of them I don’t speak to at all.
Over the course of 2009, I had a few surgeries, graduated high school, went to college, had my first kiss, my first boyfriend, my first meeting with someone from the internet…it was quite a year.
It was also the first year I stopped moping about an old love and could finally move on. Ironically, he came crawling back to me telling me how abusive his girlfriend is and that he loved me the whole time.

An eventful year indeed.

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I got my finances and the details of my life in order.
I had an amazing trip to Israel with my son.
I rescued 4 tiny, baby kittens.
I matriculated in a graduate program.
I fell in love and married the man of my dreams.

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My wife and I found a retirement house, and bought it.
Now, we just have to figure out how we will afford it.

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Wow guys, you all have really good answers. This is a lot of fun. I wonder how long we can keep this going… :)

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More answers can be found on a similar question asked earlier in the week.

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I stopped going to public school and began home school which made my grade boost tremendously.
I fell in love, and fell out of love </3
Found AB
Found Fluther
Met a amazing guy.. still waiting for him.
Sister got married and finally moved out of my parents!
Turned 16!!!!
Partied tooo much for my age.
uhhh,, and lots more.

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@hearkat Aw dang. I had a feeling I wasn’t the only one…. Is there any way I can screen for other similar answers before I submit my question? I always wondered about this… :)

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I got laid off. For the first time in twenty years. This might not seem special to some, but to me it’s been great. I’ve spent about three of the last six years working out of town and it has been nice to be at home for a change, even though I don’t have the $$ coming in like I did before. I have learned alot in these past few months being able to slow down and re-connect with my spiritual side and especially when it comes to finances, so this has been a real blessing for me. I will certainly be able to save a hell of alot more $$ when I go back to work in January. And with my new-found calmness, I believe it will be much easier to deal with the stresses that sometimes come about in the workplace.

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@Ailia: There is the Search option; however, it is frustratingly flawed. It is probably my biggest gripe with Fluther.

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Our Daughter turned 16 and wants to be an Animal activist and Groomer.

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The ending of it. Which hasn’t happened yet. Unless I die I seriously can’t imagine 2010 being worse than 2009.
Even then it still might be better.

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became debt free

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Special to me, eh? Well, it looks like I’ve survived for one more year. That’s a DEFINITE plus. It was my second year with Vicky, so that’s a BIG plus. My tenth grandchild was born in 2009. My wfie and I began rebuilding a home. I rediscovered a number of things about myself that I would never have forgotten in the first place. I decided to try for my Ph.D. All in all, a pretty kewl year. : ))

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@King_of_Sexytown that extra special iron may come your way!

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wow theres some serious crafting going on!

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well I did came across this cesspool

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I have the gift of sometimes being able to see what I DON’T have, that fills me
with great reverence and appreciation:

I don’t have a child dying of cancer while I am helpless to do anything about it, except watch her suffer endlessly.

I don’t have a marriage that requires me to snoop through my husband’s life because he gives me signals that I cannot trust him.

While I do have brain damage, I don’t have significantly decreased intelliegence from it.

I don’t have a problem relating to the feelings and struggles of others.

I don’t have a severed relationship with God.

Here’s what I DO have:

A very happy, very healthy little family of 4.

Excellent friends who aren’t afraid to tell me when I’ve fucked up.

A loving relationship with my husband.

One very smart, loving as hell little 5 year old.

One genius 11 year old whose artistic prowess is already earning her state-wide attention, and who swept the awards for her school, including the citizenship award.

A strong sense of social responsibility that sends positives rippling out into the community.

The gift of writing that has now lead me into writing movie screenplays.

The sense that, no matter what changes occur, it happened for the sole purpose of bettering the lives they touched. I say this only because, of the bad things I have seen happen, it has all worked out toward a positive end. It doesn’t mean that I don’t look forward to the next phase, but it sure does make this life more tolerable.

Damn… just does not get any better than this.

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It was better than 2008.

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Well special doesn’t necessarily mean good.

The good: my children are healthy and for the most part happy; my 70 year old mom is healthy and fiesty as ever: I’m employed, doing what I love and with people I like. I’m somewhat healthy, could lose a few pounds. My divorce became final.

The bad: my divorce became final and my ex married his girlfriend within 4 months; I wish I could get my credit good enough to purchase the home I’ve been paying rent for in the last 3 years (I have huge anxiety about homelessness-childhood trauma). I’ve dated a lot this year and I’m still alone.

The ugly- I’m too old, 43, to have such a reliant of relationships; it’s sad and ugly. People see my life and want to be me-they think I have it all together, looks, career and personality. The ugly thing is, it’s all a charade. I’m alone and lonely. And I’m scared shitless that I’ll be like my mom, 70 and lonely, unforgiving and alone.

All the awesome things that have happened in 2009 pale in comparison to what my heart desires the most; someone to truly love me- and that’s the saddest thing of all.

I’ve got to do and be better in 2010.

The bad

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@phillis how nice:)

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Worst year of my life. Nothing really matters any more.

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@stranger- Sorry to hear, All uphill from here!

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land dont give me that rubbish ! there are a billion people worse off than you :) soon it will be a past memory so chin up!

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Crudely put, I grew the fuck up. Had an intervention of sorts.

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Milo and I survived the honeymoon and moved into a calm and stable relationship, most of the time anyway.

My mother turned 95 two weeks ago and still is keeping it together, sort of.

I have passed the 14th year of being cancer-free.

My house is now mouse-free.

I learned about the Oxford comma.

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I broke my first bone!

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Awwwww @sliceswiththings; bummer… which one- leg perhaps so you have someone wait on you hand and foot?

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My 3 year old granddaughter and I have bonded! :D

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I had my first (and hopefully only, LOL) child – a sweet little baby girl I named Alyssa.

She was a very unexpected blessing, and the best little person who has ever come into my life.

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Awwwwww- congrats @stemnyjones; Healthy and yelling is a good thing!

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WooooHooooo!!! That is awesome, Stemny!!

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to me, well, I got sick, lost my car, didn’t get what I wanted at my work, it was kind of shitty, the only good thing is my gf to keep it short, hopefully 2010 will be better :D

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@phil196662 Arm, but I was still waited on quite a bi! I got free ice cream, at least.

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Simple .. my first grandchild was born in August! Nothing else topped that!

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Yummm @sliceswiththings and then you will miss it!

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@phil196662 Don’t worry, it still gives me trouble, so I can use it as an excuse! Broke it in May, then surgery, so it won’t be normal for a while. I have a lightening-bolt scar!

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@sliceswiththings – I see a Tattoo to cover it.

sliceswiththings's avatar

Nah, it’s awesome! I can always tell the awesome story!

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All my fluther friends…

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For the first time in all my years I got a truer sense of the reason I have this life to live. A friend helped me sharpen my focus on the brevity of our only chance on this planet and to not blow it. You only live once and of that… Life is way too short!

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@ Cruiser- :)

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It was special to me because this was my last band competition ever. This is the last year that i’ll ever march and im gonna miss my band family!

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That I’m in poor health, no money, and I’ve made it to this point.

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I filtered out some useless friends that did nothing but cause me stress and make me feel crappy. I’ve strengthened my core family. My Dad was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, making it perhaps not the best year, but so far one of the memorable. I experienced emotional surrealism as I never have before.

I can only hope that 2010 is a year for miracles.

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I meet my boyfriend in August…well…he was my bf since 07…but I finally met him in person, and it was the best thing ever.

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Found a deeper meaning in my walk with God, fell and got a bit behind and I’m trying to catch back up.
It’s been a decent financial year with the hubs.
Got another good year in with dad, unfortunately I lost a few close friends to death.
It’s been an emotionally stressful year of ups and downs both to the extreme

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I’m building a house and after about a year and a half of working with my architect on the design and various other delays, it is finally actually being built. I have a foundation and 4 exterior walls and a sub roof. It’s almost a house. Other than that, 2009 isn’t much different that the years that have come before it. But any year I make through is pretty special.

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the birth of my son

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Fluther and Adam Lambert.

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2009 was a fantastic year!

My GF walked out on me. Stuck me with a SHIT load of debt.
Spent the first year in 23 years alone.

I will say the last two weeks of 2009 will/are probably the best.

Buy hey… I got my dog. :-)

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Losing my virginity, that time in 2008 didn’t count I don’t think haha

Oh and getting into a college I like

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Getting divorced…WooHoo!!

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@stemnyjones… Yayyy! Open your heart to her and let your love surround her. She’s graced you with her life and you are ennobled by your new responsibilities. You are a fortunate woman. : )

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Right now? That it’s ending!

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@LeotCol Congrats and congrats! Both of those happened in the same year for me too, and it was certainly a year to remember.

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@Polly_Math… Bad year, eh? Had a few of those. They mostly suck, but at least if you can learn something from it, it won’t be a total loss.

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@Polly_Math if I had a genie and 3 wishes, I would let you use one. I hope 2010 is the best for you to come. :D

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I finally was able to let my guard down and let someone in.

phillis's avatar

@jmah – Very nice :) Keep it up!

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@jmah: Lovely; keep keeping it down.

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Addendum to my entry
2009 is ending on a high note! One of my new friends and I chose to take the friendship further and had our first date yesterday… it went very well.

Dr_Dredd's avatar

Congrats, hearkat!

hearkat's avatar

Thanks, @Dr_Dredd!

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Being able to see out-of-state friends.

Falling in reciprocal romantic, passionate, comitted love.

Getting back on payroll after a year of on-call status (no benefits).

TLRobinson's avatar

@hungryhungryhortence-thank you for sharing; you are an inspiration.

hungryhungryhortence's avatar

@TLRobinson: Thanks! I’m on a gamblers high right now, feeling all Royal Flushed, hitting after plenty of misses, trust me.

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I changed schools and am getting much better grades now. I also have a new boyfriend who is quite awesome. That’s not to say my last one isn’t. It’s just that my current one is a lot better for me. I also finally accepted that I don’t need to rely on other people’s humour to feel good about myself.

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i met a wonderful man after 3 years of nada. I became calmer, wiser, more mature. I became def aware of what i want more than ever, a lot of my closet friends gave birth.
In any case 2008 was such a bad year that 2009 would have seemed good even if it wasnt!

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- was proactive about dating, figured out what i want and dont want.
– became closer to family
– vacationed in Belgium
– i traveled to africa to do medical work
– graduated with my masters
– learned more about myself than any other year via a ton of reflection

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I moved to a new city without my family
I discovered my perfect career for me and am still loving it!
Found the perfect partner and gained a best friend <3
Moved into a wonderful home!
Made a ton of great friends.
Learned how to appreciate my parents more
Grew much closer with my sister
Discovered my inner power
Took control of my life
Had a major car accident and survived
Discovered meditation
Discovered Buddhism
Found real happiness (to me)
Turned 21! WOO!! Legal EVERYWHERE!
My kitten of 13 years passed away, but did not grieve.. she had an incredible life!
(RIP Penny <3 Love and miss you! So grateful for the time we had!)
Quit watching TV
Fought my inner demons and won
Began to read more
Re-discovered how to appreciate the small things in life
Finally accepted and admitted I’m a candy-holic ;)
Bought a new car
Started paying for my own Blue-Cross Healthcare
Started to save money rather than spend it
Learned that I have a love for working on cars
Started to understand how to listen to my gut

and continued down the path of “Heather” <3

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Found the love of my life. :-) Its been a wonderful time watching us become closer and our relationship becoming more intimate. 2009 as years go wasn’t all that great but this one thing really changed all that.

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The year that helped me close the door on certain things and open new ones.

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I had an epiphany.

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PAID MY MORTGAGE IN FULL. no more Citibank to contend with.

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I got to win my football provincial championships!

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During the very first part of it that commie wasn’t in office.

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We got rid of the war-mongering idiot that used to be in office :)

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@PacificRimjob Ya, nothing says commie like bailing out Wall Street.

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Meet the girl of my dreams.

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It wasn’t 2008.

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Got a really cool job that helps people-something I always wanted to do.

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Nine is my lucky number. in 2009, the highlight was a new roof installed on my house at no cost. won the money and paid for it all!!!

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losing my virginity


My 10th wedding anniversary with my s/o.


@warwickmcghee Lucky guy. Wish I could do that again. :3

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Spending the year with my loves.

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I survived it.

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2OO9 means fail to me, because i am just as common as 2009 when i am in 2010, i don’t make any progress, but i swear i will do well this year!

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Market Rally.

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Nothing was great about 2009 except I began taking violin lessons

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I finally broke into Class D in chess rating in 2009.

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For one I finally got together with the love of my life. I’ve known her for quiet awhile now and we have been friends for a awhile. I think my life changed the most in 2009. I’ve had so much fun and experienced so much more with her that i couldn’t even type everything in here, it would take me forever to explain everything that happened in 2009. I pretty much can just say that my life changed for the best.


Not really special, but highly memorable, with a fistfight that I got into. :(

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firt year of high school – met some amazing people whoi i can now never live without

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I found “Fluther”. :)

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Leaving my alcoholic husband, in hopes of finding a better life.

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Graduating from college.

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i gave birth to my healthy handsome baby boy

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I joined Fluther.

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I don’t remember 2009 specifically.

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In 2009 I left my rotten prostate in a hospital bio-hazard bucket.
I stopped working for a large company and started my own business.

It sure would be nice to get updates for this Q.

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