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I don't mean to keep ragging on Facebook, but will you hear me out?

Asked by Berserker (33548points) March 17th, 2013
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This is something I’ve been seeing for quite a while now, and anyone with a FB account probably has seen it, too.

I’m talking about when people claim that something will happen if they get a certain amount of ’‘likes’’ on their photo or post. For example, ’‘if I get 10,000 likes, my dad will buy me a new TV. Help out!’’. Or, ’‘if I get 10,000 likes, I’ll change my name to Jack Daniels.’’

I mean what the hell?

Uno; Are likes so important that one may be willing to do something drastic and possibly life altering if the desired amount is met?

Deux; Are parents actually willing to buy their kids something if their kid’s post gets the desired amount of likes?

Three; When and if said demands are met, does the claim ever actually ever go through?

Vier; What the hell for?

Are those types of posts I see really serious, or are they jokes? I can’t believe for a second that something like this may be serious. People make decisions based on this? Parents decide whether or not to buy their kid a car if they get enough likes?
Or what about people who make such posts, and say they’ll do something constructive and legit, like do charity work or recycle, but ONLY if they get a bunch of likes? You mean they’re not going to do it, even though they could right now, unless the likes number is met?
It’s like, hey all you squishies, if I get 50 GQ on this question, I’ll change my username to Babamooshka.

Giving a bunch of likes to a survivor of cancer? War veterans? That’s cool, and a legitimate way to offer recognition and admiration on a site with the spirit that Facebook has. Facebook, I admit, is a great social tool, and great for support, knowledge and sharing. But a sword is not a hammer. I don’t think it’s very wise to buy laptops or pierce your anus because you said you would on FB if that claim gets a certain amount of likes. or perhaps it’s just me who dun get da big pictchur

Help me understand the truths about these ’‘if I…I will…’’ Facebook things?

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I haven’t noticed these scams yet. But then I don’t live in FB much. Seems hokey.

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It’s BS, just like if you forwarded all those emails for the sick kids ten years ago. Maybe there is one or two where some irresponsible father promised a kid something. But most of it is just more junk.

Don’t blame facebook, just blame the people that pass it on. And you can always skip the like button and post a negative comment.

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I think most of them are jokes.

It’s a fad, like those “X number people demand Y” groups there used to be, which this group mocked.

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@Symbeline I have sent you thousands of sexual poses of me, and you never respond.

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Would give you 10,000 GQs for the question, @Symbeline… but to what avail?

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If you give me lurve, you will be amazed at what my avatar does!

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If I do not get 10000 likes by end of next week, I am going to kill this puppy.

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Facebook attracts hardcore narcissists. It’s all about ego and the ” look at ME!” syndrome.
So stupid and juvenille…I dumped my FB acct. 2 years ago, seriously, I do not need a blow by blow account of your cool kitchen remodel, every second of your day, how cool you are, go fuck yourself! lol

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Why worry???

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@Symbeline I’m with you. After all these years, I have finally found a cause I can take up. Fighting the 10,000 likes on FB fad. ~

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If I get 100 great answers I’ll buy Sym some zombie pillows

I’m dead serious

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Ugh I am so with you, I am like, valley girl with you.

Have you seen those contests where you not only have to like those cute pics mothers/small businesses/etc post for some contest but you have to go to a website and then do it for multiple days…. Now that is clearly an advert/marketing ploy… but you still feel a little guilty..

Like your ignoring the guy holding the sign as your waiting to pull out of the parking lot even though he has better gear then you and you are have no idea who he is and your counting your own pennies.

Saying that I barely facebook any more. Which I later feel guilty for because so many of my friends have scattered and I haven’t kept up with even big events.

My rant may be over.

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@Symbeline I think it’s a simple grab for attention. Everybody likes to have something that goes viral, and they don’t care what they have to say to do that. What baffles me is why people give them the “likes”. It’s the Facebook equivalent to feeding trolls. And while we’re talking about this, may I also ask why:

1. People keep commenting on some random photo that says “Type “jump” and see what happens!!” (Nothing ever happens. Ever.)

2. People who have never heard of “order of operations” keep trying to do the simple arithmetic quizzes. Something like 5% of those people ever get them right.

3. People keep guessing the number of squares wrong on that thing that every radio station posts.

4. People keep reposting photos showing Morgan Freeman saying something incredibly obvious, as if it’s a profound revelation… and of course Morgan Freeman never said that thing.

There are so many more of these, it makes me cranky. As you see.

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@Symbeline I am with you. I believe it’s mainly for attention.
Will you really change your name to Babamooshka? I gave you a GQ just for that. :P

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@Plucky So did I… I hope @Symbeline knew what she was committing to. ;)

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You know, I’d never thought about this before, @Babamooshka.

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10 GQs for @babamooshka!

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Those are scams. People can get a bunch of likes, then sell that page to an advertiser, I believe.

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It’s just a fad. There was an article written about it awhile back revealing which people came through on the “deal” and which didn’t. People want likes like it’s money – it’s just for attention. A few go through with it, but I think they would have regardless of the number of likes they got.

That’s far from the only annoying trend on Facebook. Luckily, it’s really easy to ignore these things. You control what you do and do not see on your news feed.

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Forward one of those to me if you want to me to click the X box on the right hand side of your posts.

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It’s just that these people are fucking stupid.

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Sounds like typical chain letter garbage.

Fortunately, we can block share-whores now. ^_^

So far my favourite “share” has been “Share this pancake, for no reason at all.”

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I have an idea. I’m gonna print up a poster and have one of the grandkids hold it up, take a picture and post it. The poster will read “My gramma says if I get 1,000,000 likes I still have to clean up after myself.”

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@Seek_Kolinahr I got to share a donkey for no reason at all. :)

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They’re crap.

Why are you using French, English and something else in your post, I have to know because it’s driving me crazy.

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Uno= 1 (Spanish)
Deux=2 (French)
Vier=4. (I assume. and it sounds German to me!)
Babamooshka.= My mother really hated me and that’s why she gave me this name.

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Vier is indeed 4 in German.

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I’m so good!

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I’m pretty sure @Blackberry is correct. Pages/posts that get a lot of “likes” are valuable (for some reason) to advertisers, and people sell them. What irks me more is the gullibility of the folks who fall for stuff like “If this post gets enough likes, Microsoft will give you a new computer!” So silly.

@Coloma Did you just call all of us who are on FB narcissists? Not all of us are ‘over-sharers’. :p

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@zenvelo Aye, that I could. A negative comment. But in light of what I’m learning about this, probably wouldn’t do much. Facebook isn’t quite up to the level of ass that YouTube is. XD But no, I don’t blame the site, which is precisely why I find it sad that such a site with great tools is used for some chain letter type deal. I remember getting those as a kid, and being threatened that if i didn’t follow its demands, I would die.

Well, I’m still here.

@Imadethisupwithnoforethought that was you? :p

@CWOTUS Cuz. I’m awesome.

@filmfann Lol. Yeah, those. I hate those things; click like and see what happens! What, do these people think I’m some kind of redneck or something? This, however, works! And it’s older than Facebook. seriously though, I never get tired of it.

@ragingloli you’re probably just gonna kill it anyway

@Coloma Er, hum lol Yeah. I certainly don’t care what people ate, what they’re wearing and all…and I never cared about that long ago, when message boards were filled with ’‘what are you wearing’’ topics. But cmon man, you’re being pretty harsh. :p

@everyone Quick! Get @jonsblond to buy me zombie pillows! those are so adorable, too. :D

@rosehips Yeah, I’ve seen those…but all the links that they send you to, and demand that you like, get all this shit on your page…eh. Never found the motivation to pursue it, even if it was actually interesting.

And when I don’t click like on a picture of a slaughtered child, that does NOT mean I’m Satan. lol facebook

@glacial Well, credit must be given to Facebook for making online memes something even more. I thought My Little Pony was bad, but fuck those horse bastards; Facebook revolutionized the meme. As you say, there are so many. Sometimes some are clever, it’s just sad to see that most of them are just stupid, and that online memes are usually a hell of a lot more clever and intelligent…I guess like, one does not simply walk into Facebook.

Well, none of that made any sense but…a lot of fads and stuff I see, such as you’ve mentioned, seem watered down versions of other online nonsense that’s actually worth a gander. :/

@yall Ain’t changing my name to Babamooshka. unless, of course, I get 50 GQ’s. :p XD Seriously though, I wonder how much psychological bumfuckery some of this FB stuff employs to make likes so important. It’s as if it seems to validate the worth of someone’s person or actions. What happened to drinking water from the hose, dammit? I did that

@livelaughlove21 Yeah, a fad. I can agree with this, but it certainly is a persistent one, no? I do like to think though, that if someone wanted to do something weird or outrageous if they get a certain amount of likes, that they would still do it even if they didn’t get all the likes. Then it would actually be cool, and not asinine.

@Seek_Kolinahr Lol. I liked the one where it showed a moose, and said to share it for no reason. Seemed to be making fun of this particular topic I’m on about…but maybe it’s just like all the others? Deep down inside though…the moose is a rebel.

@KNOWITALL I denno. Seemed like a good idea at the time. XD

@augustlan Yeah, it’s like…I can’t actually believe that people actually believe some of this shit. :/ I might feel different on the subject if I did, I suppose.

@bob_ I like you.

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Point taken, okay…let me re-phrase my sentiments.
FB attracts a LOT of Narcissists, but obviously not everyone is.
Bending over to take my whipping.

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Thing with Facebook is, like ninety twelve percent of everyone is on it. XD

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I’m on FB. I’m not a narcissist. Which is a very humble thing for the most incredible woman on earth to say about herself, wouldn’t you agree?

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^^^ LOL

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