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Have you ever participated in a holiday cookie exchange?

Asked by janbb (62111points) October 7th, 2019
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You know, the kind where people bring several of one kind of cookie to a party and each person gets several kinds to take home.

If so, can you tell me how it worked? How many people participated? How many cookies did each person bake? Was it fun?

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12 people; each brought 3 dozen cookies. It was maybe 45 years ago, my ex was invited to it.

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About 25 people, we all brought a ‘sharing’ tray to try with our cocktails at the party, then we packed 6–8 cookies in bags, tubs, or some other festive containers for the ‘exchange’. I always made rum balls…lol

So basically we sat around drinking and eating cookies, then we all walked around the table picking a bag/box from each person to take home.

Personally I don’t find it much fun, but many of the ladies in the office do. Perhaps it’s what you make it, like with music or fun people. I don’t suggest doing it at the end of the day during Christmas season, everyone just wants to leave. Good luck!

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We had one on our cul-de-sac; about ten families participated.

It seemed like an awful lot of work for what it was. I spent most of a day making multiple batches of cookies and then bundling them into ten half dozen plastic bags with holiday decorations. My cookies were pretty run of the mill, home backed chocolate chips.

Many of the cookies I received in the exchange were attempts at fancy holiday cookies, and for the most part, they failed despite good intentions.

When the neighbors tried it again the next year, we passed.

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Mine will be part of my regular co-ed book club. Monthly meeting will be at my house mid-December so I thought this might be fun to try.

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No. Sounds good. But generally speaking, I avoid cookies. Or try to.
But I have a friend who used to make butter ball cookies every year. Gosh those things are SO good! And she’d make mine without nuts. I haven’t had them in 25 years. Last year a got ahold of her and asked for the recipe. She sent it, I made them and they didn’t taste right at all. So I asked her. Well, she’d halved the butter and halved the sugar while keeping the flour the same amount. Why did she do that? So they’d be less fattening.
So, I doubled the sugar and butter and made them again and….heaven. I spent a day eating them….probably 6 altogether, then took the rest to the ladies at the utility office. They think I’m just a really nice person. But I’m really giving them all my fat calories! LOL!

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@janbb: Does your book group usually include food? Is it food solely provided by the monthly hostess or is it a pot luck type of gathering?

My book group meets at a library once a month. I’ve been going around 7 years. It started out no food, and then a few people would occasionally bring something small to share, like cookies or juice. Now the group has grown to about 8 or 10 regulars, and we have wine, liquor, beer, savory snacks, desserts, international foods. I’m not too big on drinking alcohol but the food is almost like a dinner after we partake of it.

What you could do for your holiday cookie exchange/book group meeting is tell everyone “I’m making holiday cookies. Feel free to bring enough to share, and I’ll have containers for everyone to take some home in.” Then you can have cellophane bags or paper boxes or whatever works, and people can eat and share if they want to, or just eat if they don’t want to take any home. No pressure for those who may not be into it.

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Damn it. We need to just suck it all up and have a fluther pot luck get together!! We all bring one thing, except Kardamom. She has to bring 6 things.

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I have never heard of it. It sounds fun!

I wish I could have known back when disability didn’t have me prisoner. I know a lot of great bakers.

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@jca2 Yes, we usually have food and drink. Sometimes it’s pot luck and sometimes just host provided.

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