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If you were a superhero, how would you design your suit?

Asked by ucme (50047points) December 12th, 2019
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Do the math!

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While drunk.

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In a flash. My super powers would include gussetry.

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Like a wrestling unitard with a cape. Black though.

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First of all, Spanx for underneath. All black, in that fabric which stretches a lot, but always goes back.
Using silver sequins, I would make a big throwing star across the chest.
The top would be long sleeved.
I would have silver serpent bands on each upper arm.
I would wear a red snood for a mask.
On each hip there would be silver serpents attached which are coiled just right to be gun holsters.
I would have a black cape, but I would only wear it when it is cold.

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As Thriftyman my chief power is that I’m too cheap to waste money on costumes!

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I’d let a tailor do it.

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I would make a nude suit.
That way I would be naked, yet covered for the cold days.
Shrinkage wouldn’t be noticeable.
I would design a big, hard, blue, vained, fist on my chest.

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I would go for a bowler hat, 3 piece pin stripe suit & a pair of brogues with a shine you could see your face in.
My “utility belt” would consist of a black umbrella & a brief case.

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It depends on your super powers. For example, Batman needs armor, and a utility belt. Because his only real super power, is brain power.
If you follow comic books, I used to, Wolverine was just a skeleton for a while.

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@Patty I adore snoods, cant believe you said that specifically. Ha!

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@KNOWITALL What is a snood? Or do you mean hood?

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@RedDeer Kind of a hood and scarf had a baby. Snood.

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@KNOWITALL Oh. I have one too. Am grateful for it.

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I have three, and they are great. You can wear them about a hundred different ways. They are thin, but they really keep the body heat from escaping. They are also great for hiding bad hair days.

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I would hire Edna E Mode.

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As an engineer I’d have to go with something likeTony Stark’s rig – with the addition of a catheter running down to a drain hole below my left foot.

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I would like something like that of Dr. Strange, looking menacing and intellectual.

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It would be similar to the Punisher’s. Basically black pants, black shirt and black boots. Nothing else needed. The shirt would have 3 bright red marks on the front. 3%

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I’m starting to like @Coolhandluke . If nobody has said so, welcome to Fluther bro.

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@MrGrimm888 likewise, sir and thank you.

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I gotcha bro…

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