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Is restaurant steamed rice good for you?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (20356points) August 16th, 2020
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I am trying to save money, and I would like a quick meal. Alternately I can order beef fried rice.

I have a choice between rice or t.v. diners that have my side freezer.

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Steamed rice is probably the lesser of the evils you’ve listed. TV dinners are probably better than the fried rice. Of course, that depends on how health conscious your TV dinner choices were

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TV dinner usually have more salt, then beef fried rice and finally steamed rice.

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Yes steamed rice, maybe some veggies and broth.

You may consider investing in a small rice cooker since rice is cheap and can go with anything really. My weird husband loves rice with milk and sugar. ( shudder)

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@all I had a turkey tv dinner and a tin of smoked oysters. I am happy with my selection.

@KNOWITALL I have a slow cooker/crock pot. Will that work for steamed rice?

I love steamed rice with whipping cream and fruit cocktail. Can I make that in the slowcooker/crock pot?

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^you cannot cook rice in a slow cooker. You have to get a rice cooker designed specially for cooking just rice. It’s extremely simple with a rice cooker.

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@Tropical_Willie Not all TV dinners are filled with sodium like they used to be. I have a backup that I keep in my freezer for those days that go all wrong and my family is starving. It’s 293 calories per serving with less than 250 mg sodium and it doesn’t taste all that bad. According to the experts, fried rice is on the bottom of the list of things you should eat. Breaks my heart because I love fried rice

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Steamed rice I would say is better than most TV dinners. Have some vegetables in with it though.

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White rice is less nutritious than brown rice because it lacks the most nutrient-dense parts of rice: the bran and germ. Brown rice contains more key nutrients like fiber and protein that slow down digestion and won’t spike blood sugar levels the way white rice will.May 21, 2020

Is white rice bad for you? It’s less nutritious than brown rice. – Insider

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New research shows what many health experts have long said. It’s not carbohydrates, per se, that lead to weight gain, but the type of carbs eaten. Their research shows that people who ate more refined and processed foods, such as white bread and white rice, had more belly fat.Aug 4, 2004

Too Much White Bread Giving You a Big Belly? – › diet › news › too-much-white-bread-giving-you-bi…

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You can get a rice cooker for around 25 bucks on Amazon. I have one and it makes pretty great rice and is small. And it is really easy to clean.

Or if you want to get fancy you can get a insta-pot for 100. I also have one and it is nice since you can just toss in a few chicken breasts and rice and hit a button and wait for 20 minutes. And it is also small and easy to clean.

But either way a few take-out orders are going to cost more. Might as well buy the tools so you can make your own.

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Rice has a greater amount of calories than one might imagine. It might be better to check all food labels as to what might be best for you.

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It is pretty safe to say the worst rice is better than the best food Red currently eats. So he is going in a good direction.

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I have a rice cooker and it works really well. If you make too much the rice can sit there for a day or two, ready for other meals. I occasionally make a 50–50 mix of brown and white Nishiki rice. I like the look and texture.

You can buy a new one on Amazon and have it delivered to your door. Or you can visit the local Goodwill. You’ll find the rice cookers next to the collection of bread makers George Foreman grills, and drip coffee makers on sale for $5.

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Or if you make amazon wish-list I will order you one. Because I think you are great and I am bad with money. Or I am so good with money I can occasionally be bad with money.

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@johnpowell Aw thats sweet!

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It’s not “good” for you. Metabolically, it’s practically like eating a bowl of sugar. That said, fried rice is like eating a bowl of sugar that’s been drenched in fat, and tv dinners are, well, not at all healthy to eat regularly. Your best bet is cooking your own. Much respect to @johnpowell.

Also, look into Quinoa as a healthier option. I’m not going to lie and say it’s the same as rice (because it’s not), but if you cook it in broth it can have good flavor and be a more healthy option than white rice.

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Resturaunt stir fried brown rice would be best. They usually have peas and carrots in them.

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While on the subject of rice cookers, I was just looking at them on Amazon and will probably buy one. But while looking, they showed uncooked rice being kept in the refrigerator. Is that where you all keep yours? I’ve always kept mine in the cabinets.

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Cabinets here too.

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@chyna Pantry.

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Well if we’re getting super specific, Lazy Susan!

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@chyna I’m sure you’ll research but I highly recommend kapok brand.

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I keep mine in the cupboard.

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I keep rice in the pantry.

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One cup of rice. 200 calories. Just sayin.

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Cooked or uncooked @mazingerz88? Either way that’s not bad.

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@KNOWITALL Tell him to try rice, milk, sugar and cinnamon! mmmmm

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@smudges I will. The thought disgusts me but he loves sweet rice.

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Due to this thread, I just bought a rice cooker from Amazon. I went with a cheap one as I’m not sure how much I will use it.

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@chyna Enjoy, it smells so good cooked!

I made a pot last night and a big stir fry with mushrooms, purple peppers, onion, garlic, radishes and zucchini, it was so good. I like mine saucy, for the rice, so I added low sodium soy, a cup of water, a couple shakes of S&B Japanese red chili oil, and two Tbsp of honey. Looking forward to my lunch today. Ha ha!

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^That sounds good! I’ll be looking into different recipes.
@reddeerguy1 have you decided to buy one yet?

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@chyna I have decided not to buy a rice cooker.

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I bought brown rice and onions. Imma make chicken fried rice. SLURP!

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A friend of mine said steamed rice and veggies are better for you. Brown rice is suppose to be healthier than white rice.

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