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What are some jobs or types of jobs that you would never want to do?

Asked by jca2 (12450points) March 24th, 2021
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It’s not uncommon for people to talk about dream jobs, what their dream jobs are, but it’s less common to hear people talk about what kind of job they would never want to do.

What are some jobs or types of jobs that you would never want to do, either because they’d bore you or you have zero interest in doing, or maybe the job itself is one you don’t feel you’d be physically or mentally suited for?

I thought of this after watching a documentary about a General Motors plant that closed, and thinking about what it must be like working on an assembly line, day in, day out, having to keep up with the speed of the line and just being bored from doing the same repetitive task.

When I was young and thinking about jobs, I knew I’d never want to be a nurse or a cop or anything where I might be taken away from my family on nights, weekends or holidays, due to having to work shifts. I knew I’d always want a job with regular “office hours” Monday thru Friday, 9 to 5 or similar.

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I would never want to be a cop, lawyer, school teacher.
Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

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Gosh. Sanitation worker.

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YEP electrical workers on high towers that need to have helicopters drop them on the towers ! ! ! !

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There is so much I don’t want to do now. I see people dressed for work and I’m so grateful I don’t have to do that. I work, but I work from home. I also teach zumba, but that’s volunteering, and I’ve barely don’t it this past year. I never like M-F 9–5, but I’ve done it. I like a more irregular schedule.

I wouldn’t want to be a lawyer, nothing where I have to read a lot. I prefer jobs that don’t deal with the law in general. I worked as a realtor for a while and hated writing the contracts even though it’s just filling in a form.

I wouldn’t want to work in germy jobs.

I couldn’t work in a very physically demanding job anymore. I did for many years, but now there is no way I could do it. I’d be in too much pain.

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Slaughterer. Executioner. Lumberjack. Poacher. Hunter (unless, a hunter of poachers).

Enforcer of laws I don’t agree with. Soldier for a country whose military serves corporate interests. Advertiser.

TV personality or person required to pretend like I am a fan of music, drama, celebrities, products, brands, etc.

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Teacher during a pandemic.

They are working their asses off and entitled parents are just shitting on them. They were already overworked and underpaid before the pandemic. This is just a new level of shitty.

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Actually, in the public schools, teachers are getting paid even though the schools are closed, and have been for a year, Some are teaching remotely, but the teachers’ unions have demanded that teachers get paid even if they are not working.

But to answer the question—I wouldn’t want to work in a bank, where I was responsible for money and had to focus on what I was doing. I have worked as an administrative assistant who handled budgeting in a church, but it was really hard for me to focus.

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Call center worker.
“Your apple computer has errors. Thankfully I can help you. Download this link.”

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Waitress. “I didn’t want mayo on this.” <wipes it off and gives back to customer>

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Special Ed teacher, I am short on patience.

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I think the only jobs I would just refuse to do would be involved with factory farming.

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Healthcare of any sort, it hurts my heart too much and I’m a bit of a germaphobe.

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First Responder.
Slaughterhouse worker.
Liar. Lawyer.
Insurance Salesman.
Triangle player.

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I worked in restaurants for 8 years and do not want to again. I remember very well the day I left work, thinking, “I don’t have to do that anymore.”

It was good when I was in high school and college. It was high-paying for a part-time job compatible with school.

I left for a job with a photo studio, running the darkroom and assisting in the studio and at weddings. It was big change to me, getting paid for my skills and knowledge instead of doing entry-levelish work.

Though I am now working weekends in an Amazon warehouse. They definitely are not using me for my smarts.

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Door-to-door salesperson.
Anything that would make me responsible for others’ health or life.
Forklift driver

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That person who does autopsies and morgue worker.
Miner. Too paranoid to be that deep below the Earth’s surface. However for 1K an hour I might consider working in that mine. For a week. lol

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I have never worked a physical job – like construction, or gardening. I would not want to do one of those jobs. Actually, having been retired for over 6 years, I would not want to do any job.

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@raum You may think teachers are underpaid. However, if you add in the present value of their future benefits (retirement and medical care for life) you realize they are better paid than anybody else I know.

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@crazyguy What was your career in?

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@KNOWITALL I spent the first five years of my career in computer programming of engineering applications, and then I switched to Engineering Design for the last 40 years of my career. This was all for private companies.

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Jailer / Prison Guard. Hell to the no.

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I taught school in a jail. Best job I ever had.

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Because you never had to use the line “I decide when class ends, not the bell!”, clearly.

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I didn’t have a bell. Just a clock. And why would I say something so challenging and belligerent to a room full of grown ass convicts?

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@Dutchess_III Nope, not advisable.

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