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Fingers or thumbs?

Asked by chyna (50815points) April 1st, 2021
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When you type on your cellphone, do you use your thumbs or your finger?

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It’s like “don’t think about elephants.” I had to try it to see; I couldn’t remember which. I use the pointer finger of my right hand mainly. I think people under 40 are born with the ability to type away with both thumbs on their phones but not I.

(And zenvelo.)

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I use my thumbs. The rest of my fingers are holding my phone.

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Finger if I’m using both hands and thumb if I’m “one handing it”.

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Usually, my right thumb for typing a message. I use my index finger and thumb to click on links and tabs.

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I use my pointing finger.

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I use the stylus that came with my phone.

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I hold the phone with one hand and use the pointer finger of the other to type. If I’m desperate and only have one free hand, I’ll use my thumb.

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^That’s how I do it.

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I hold my phone with my left hand and tap away with my right, forefinger – all the while resting the thumb of my right hand on the bottom edge of the phone (just above the charging port) for support.

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I swipe words with my right index finger (I don’t “type”) while holding phone with left. I can’t type on a phone – especially with my thumbs. That just seems like magic or something.

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Thumbs. I am holding the phone with the rest of my fingers.

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One finger, the pointer.
In the old days, I used both my thumbs on the typewriter.

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Fingers. My thumbs, although not actually fat, act fat on tiny keyboards.

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My right thumb, it gets so tired. The slider phone I used to have allowed me to use both thumbs, since it was held sideways when you quick text.

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I miss my slider. I had very few typos when I had that phone.

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Fingers for the touch screen or dialing buttons. Thumbs for the side and bottom buttons.

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Pointy finger

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The bird finger and my pinky.

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I yell into it and it obeys.

Cutting edge tech.

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Mostly my index finger, sometimes I talk into it.

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Ha! I have you all beat. I don’t have a cell phone!

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I also swipe using my pointer finger.

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If you use your index finger do you hold the phone in the palm of your other hand?

I’m just trying to ascertain how you keep the phone steady and secure.

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I would imagine that most of us finger users do it the same way you would, @JLeslie, I can’t think of many options we could employ.

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@canidmajor I don’t rest my phone in my palm, do you? I’m not a finger typer, I use my thumb.

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@JLeslie: Typically, I hold the phone with one hand and use the pointer finger of the other to type.

If I’m desperate and only have one free hand, I’ll use my thumb, holding the phone with the other fingers of the same hand.

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I hold my phone between my feet, bend over and use my nose to type.

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@janbb: Phone Yoga.

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@JLeslie, that’s why I specified “finger users”. Which I am. As I said.
My remark was an invitation to you to imagine how it might be. That’s why I used the word “would”.

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@jca2 Are you resting the phone in your palm? My phone (usually) rests on my left pinky, ring, and middle fingers behind the phone, my left pointer is along the left side of my phone, and my left thumb is at the bottom of my phone. When I type my right pointer is at the top right of the phone to steady it, and I use my right thumb.

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A lot depends on the size of the phone too. Mine is small; I hold it in my left hand and all the digits of my right are free for typing but I just use my index finger. It’s really not very complicated.

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@JLeslie: I have a big phone with an Otter Box on it which makes it heavy. Because the phone is big, my fingers can’t curl around it, they are pretty much outstretched. I hold it with one hand. My hand is gripped around the back of the phone. My thumb is along the left side of the phone pointing upward.

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Gotta say, when I first read the question, without the details, I thought this would be NSFW.

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That would have been “fingers, fist or whole arm?”.

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@ragingloli Depends on whether you skew male, female or cephalopod.

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This morning, I caught myself unexpectedly using my thumbs to try to do fine selection of cursor position in text. It wasn’t working very well.

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Usually thumbs if I’m holding it, usually fingers if it’s resting on a table. Sometimes one hand, sometimes two. I think I’ve used each of my ten digits at least once to do something on my phone.

I’ve also used my nose on the odd occasion.

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^Nose! Ha!

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@jca2 I sometimes hold it like that, but then the phone is tilted away more than the other position I described. The way you describe it’s easier to use my index finger to type.

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@sadiesayit Are you secretly Pinocchio? That would come in pretty handy, sometimes!

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A nose that comes in handy indeed! Haha!

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Ooooohh…good one! :-D

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Like that scene in Terminator 2.

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