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Do you think that this cartoon is funny?

Asked by gondwanalon (22921points) May 3rd, 2021
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I made a slight modification of a Gary Larson cartoon here:

Originally it had the floating head of Zsa Zsa Gabor. Instantly thought of Dr. Fauci.

I just wonder what you think. Thanks!

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I don’t get it.

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Cute but not funny.

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Fright-wing MEME !

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I think it’s funny but I enjoy mean humor. :D

@Zaku Seems to be saying Fauci is the virus. However you take that is on you.

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400,000 dead because people didn’t believe in Dr Fauci because Trump was running his mouth in the opposite direction to protect “his stock market” (i.e. Re-election votes) !

How did that work out?

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And they say that Germans had no sense of humour.
Did you steal that from r/therightcantmeme?

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Maybe for paranoid conservatives.

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@Tropical_Willie and who ever, It’s a joke.
@ragingloli That’s not funny to me. I asked a simple question and you start talking nonsense.

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Personally I don’t think it’s funny. But it could be for trump minions.

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Zsa Zsa was The Queen Of Outer Space.
I don’t see why Dr. Fauci makes this funny.

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I don’t get it either.

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@Pied_Pfeffer You’re not alone. Here…

Star Trek was a joke. It was space travel exaggerated to an outrageous extreme. To call it “campy” would be an accurate description.

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Not one of Larson’s best to begin with, so “modernizing it” isn’t very funny.

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My thoughts – Zsa Zsa was funny because it was random silliness. With a topical figure like Dr. Fauci I’m trying to figure out what point someone is trying to make.

I haven’t thought of Kliban in many, many years. I loved all his books when they were new. It seems like Gary Larson eclipsed him.

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@Call_Me_Jay Thanks for your response.
So many people seem so up tight. It’s like how dare I joke about the great and wonderful Dr. Fauci (The Wizard of SARS-CoV-2).
I’m not trying to make any point. Like Zsa Zsa, it’s just a little fun and crazy silliness.

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No real feelings for or against Fauci – just don’t think it’s funny. Kind of senselessly stupid.

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Sorry, but no.

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So far kiddos the only ones that like it . . . are the the right and far right?

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I already thought the original Star Trek scene that comes to my mind when I see this was hilarious: The episode opens with the crew seeing Abraham Freakin’ Lincoln sitting in a chair in space, coming on their viewscreen.

I assume Kliban was commenting on how silly that was. Might as well be Zsa Zsa… ok.

I don’t get why adding Dr. Fauci adds anything to the joke… and it’s confusing because I start trying to think of some comment you might be trying to make that would make Dr. Fauci specifically mean something. If it was just to be a silly modern face, maybe choose one that’s just really silly and doesn’t imply some sort of meaning where you don’t mean one?

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