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Regarding peanut butter and jelly; what is the best jelly?

Asked by TJFKAJ (535points) 3 months ago
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Or peanut butter for that matter-creamy or chunky?

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Everyone has their favorites.

Currently, I would do raspberry jam from the local grower’s market, and creamy unsalted peanut butter from Trader Joe, on bread from a local baker.

Strawberry jam would be ok.

When I was a kid, my parents made me peanut butter and brown sugar sandwiches… which can be good in moderation, but are very sweet.

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Grape jelly, strawberry jam/preserves, creamy PB. On whole wheat.

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Creamy on the peanut butter. Jelly is anyone’s call. Crap is all the same. My wife switches up on me at times when she packs my lunch for work..
Can never tell the difference unless she mentions it..unless she used jam, which is fine as well. But that’s the only way I know something is different. Jelly is jelly.

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Strawberry jam and creamy PB.

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Everyone has their favorite? Not so. I had one pbj sandwich as a kid, hated it, all that slime and goo, and have never eaten one since.

So I guess technically you could say I like them all equally.

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Creamy Skippy and Smuckers sugar-free strawberry.

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For some reason, I enjoy fancy peanut butter when eating it straight.

But for a PB&J, I appreciate the classic overly-processed stuff like Jif or Skippy. Creamy.

Keeping it classic with strawberry Smuckers. But give me the full sugar version. :P

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Though I know a lot of people who would scoff and say the answer is obviously grape jelly.

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Creamy Jif with Welches grape jelly. Mmm good.

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I’m into texture and roughage so I like raspberry with seeds.

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Fresh PB from Whole Foods, Bonne Maman blueberry preserves, all on David’s 22 grain bread.

And served with a cup of coffee with a dash of almond milk.

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I like Smuckers or Polaners simply fruit raspberry jam with Smuckers All-Natural Chunky PB on whole wheat bread.

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Chunky Skippy on rye bread with raspberry jelly (no seeds).

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I am pretty sure that peanut “butter and “jelly” sandwiches are a complete fabrication by Hollywood, just like those shredders under the sink in horror movies.
I mean, who in their right mind would eat that?

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@ragingloli I love you, kiddo, but sometimes you’re just dead wrong!

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Jif peanut butter, grape jam, soft white bread.

Jelly is too hard to spread, it just rolls around.

I used to love crunchy peanut butter, but at some point they started making it so that it’s more nuts than peanut butter and it hurt my mouth.

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Natural PB – Chunky

Seeded Red Raspberry

nom nom

Recenthly made these :


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I used to love spreading either blueberry or raspberry preserves on my PB&Js. Now I just put the peanut butter on the bread and then cover it with blueberries or raspberries. Yum.

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This is getting really gross. Seeya.

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Jiff smooth individual packed peanut butter with Smuckers double fruit strawberry jam with sliced ripe bananas.

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@ragingloli is showing that Europeans can actually learn some things from “the colonies”. Not liking PB&J is reactionary.

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Blueberry jam with peanut butter
Lately have been trying out new jams on the market.
They look home made
Rhubarb jam sometimes mixed with other fruits.

I learned how to make pear jam ( recipe online and easy to do). Was great tasting but put too much cinnamon in it.
Would like to try peach jam and other unlikely fruit jams too.

received a small jar of “Miel de Lavande du Luberon” jam from my lonftime friend in France.
Basically its honey and lavender mixed..its was sooooo good.

We exchange different foods in our countires between us every once in a while.

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@ragingloli Who in their right mind would eat a milbenkäse sandwich?!

Milbenkäse < sink shredder < PB&J

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You lot just do not know what is good.

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Apparently not. :P

(To be fair, I can’t really say how good it is because I can’t get over the mites to actually try it.)

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Maybe you will be more amenable to the extra protein in cazu marzu.

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Haven’t heard of that before.
I’m kind of scared to look it up.

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No jelly is good to me. I’m a jam fan and prefer Smucker’s Jam…blackberry, strawberry, or pineapple. Peanut butter has to be Adams or Smuckers all natural creamy.

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Crunchy peanut butter, raspberry jam, whole wheat bread. Yum.

I like any raspberry jam that has raspberries as the first ingredient and only one source of non-HCFS sugar listed (if there are two or more sources of sugar, the jam may be more sugar than berries; I want berry-tartness, not bland-sweetness).

The peanut butter should have only two ingredients: peanuts and salt.

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@sadiesayit Come on to my house, I’l make us a sandwich.

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@jca2 Love that too
My go-to on my trips to Deer Isle Maine.

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Jif peanut butter (crunchy is preferred) with honey. When that honey soaks into the bread between the time it’s made and lunchtime…it becomes a masterpiece.

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Strawberry or honey!

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Craving a PB&J now

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