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RIP Queen Elizabeth?

Asked by zenvelo (37981points) 2 months ago
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Farewell Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor. Such a long reign.

And now Charles ascends to the throne.

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Absolutely RIP. Queen my entire life. A sad day.

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What a good run she had.

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Sad, but it wasn’t like she passed in the prime of her life.

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It is a bit of history passing as well.
Now begin the days of the King.
All hail King Ralph!

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I’m far from a royalist & there’s no doubt she led a privileged life.
However, a 96yr old woman has just died…RIP my Queen.

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I am glad to see Liz Truss making a statement from #10.
Boris Johnson was a fool, and would have booted it.

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I am sorry to see this, but for some odd reason I am not as affected by this as the passing of a Pope.
I have seen have a dozen Popes pass. This is the first UK Monarch to pass in my life.

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Long live King Charles. RIP Queen Elizabeth.

I’m not a big fan of royalty by any means, but after watching her life story and her love story with Philip, it’s sad. I knew it was close a few months ago and am sorry for the family, of course.

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Once Philip passed, I felt she wouldn’t be far behind. I can’t remember a day that she wasn’t the Queen!!!

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It’s a sad thing.

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As fixtures go, she was one of the more endearing as well as enduring of the fabled empire. A long superficially pampered lifetime of forced rituals and endless obligation. The requisite fate of the thoroughbred. Peace at last I suppose.

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What she died of?

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Chronic responsibility

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Presumably a complication of old age. She was under medical supervision but I’d be interested in the exact cause, too.

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I’m neither a fan of monarchies, nor its beneficiaries.

I began watching the news at 11AM and saw the announcement of her passing.
I only needed about a minute to satisfy my interest in the event, but instead of switching to coverage of relevant news, apparently ABC has decided to give her corpse a full hour.

I was more upset at the passing of RBG and the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.

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She was Queen my entire life. RIP Liz

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I was 5 or 6 when I watched another kid with that oversized crown on that little head inside our grainy hulk of a black & white tv. She looked like an indifferent little doll forced into big people fittings and furniture.

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She was 25. She wasn’t a little kid @HP.

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I bet you and other sucky Canucks, are feeling a regal amount of remorse that you posted this vicious video!

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That was stupid.

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Much like the monarchy itself.

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@Dutchess III what did I know? I was 5. I only know that her coronation is one of the very few things I remember watching on that tv apart from Howdy Doody and Victory at Sea. I remember that I wanted desperately to see a shot of her feet, to see if her shoes were too big for her like my little sister walking around in our mom’s shoes.

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She also stripped Andrew of all support and military awards over the 17 year old girl. Prettu hard for a mother, I’m sure.

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There was a double rainbow over Buckingham Palace today. She must’ve had power even in death

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As my son said, up to now, she was immortal.

I guess I did secretly hope she’d live forever.

@HP, I saw her coronation live on TV too. My father was a Canadian citizen at the time, along with all his side of the family, so it was a major event for him and thus for our family too. He rented a TV just for that week (my first glimpse of children’s TV!). I watched it again on YouTube a few years ago and was surprised at how accurate my childhood recollection was.

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She had a good run. Now they get a vocal antivax antiscience wacko as king. Fuck that guy.

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RIP Queen Elizabeth , you have done your job well and under extraorinary circumstances within your reign.
Time for a long rest with Phillip by your side.
I heard that she had complications when she caught Covid, as she lost a lost of weight etc
She was a tesement to strength as a guide for others to keep going and overcome ones own battles as one day one will win and gain strength in the process.

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The queen, whose husband died last year, had been suffering from what Buckingham Palace had called “episodic mobility problems” since the end of last year…”
No mention of Covid.

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RIP, your majesty.
To HRH King Charles III, long my you reign.

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I laughed when I heard the news.

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Why would you laugh?

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As an American, I’m embarrassed by that rude remark.

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She worked until the very end. A life of duty and service. May she rest in peace. I always likekd to see her clothes – always colorful, bold, unique and neat as a pin.

Now we have King Chuck. Long live the King! He and Camilla won’t be nearly as pleasant to look at as Queen Elizabeth. Hopefully Andrew stays suppressed as he seems to be a moron and an embarassment.

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^She accomplished a lot in her life and did a lot of good things. Can you say the same?

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@Jeruba my parents insisted that we watch. And I can’t recall any other compulsory viewing enforced on the household.

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Wrong I was summoned from throwing a football to coverage of JFK’s asassination. We’ve lived through some times.

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@HP, we have. As well as other major events such as the 1963 March on Washington, featuring MLK’s landmark speech. And there’s at least one more significant bump to come in this stratum of history, assuming we live to see it. No idea how it’ll go, but it’ll be noticeable.

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@SergeantQueen, are you really pleased that your comment made me feel ashamed for you and for all of us?

I’ll remember that.

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I agree @Jeruba I don’t feel either way about the queen, but to laugh that a nice old lady has past is very offencive.

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The whole thing has left me cold, this outpouring of fawning sentimentality.

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