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How will you remember Leslie Jordan?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (37333points) October 24th, 2022
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Leslie Jordan died in a car crash today. He was 67 years old.

He was an actor, a comedian, and a singer. He was well known during the pandemic for his short videos shared on social media that always began with “Wellll, sh****t! What’re y’all doin?” I will remember his wonderful smile and so many times he made me laugh.

He was genuinely a fabulous man.

He was a star of gay comedy by Del Shores (Sordid Lives and Sordid Wedding), and he was often featured on Will and Grace, and he was recently in Call Me Kat on Fox.

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I only remember that she was in that awful Ghostbusters remake from 2016 that I never watched.

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I guess I won’t. Never heard of him until now.

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I liked him. I thought he was funny. I swear, he didn’t seem to age from Will and Grace to now.
Gone too soon.

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Nooooooo! I loved him! I am so sorry to hear this.

@ragingloli, wrong Leslie

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Oh, Ok.
Loved him in Naked Gun. Funny man.

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It is reported that his representative stated the crash was caused by a medical emergency.

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@ragingloli Still the wrong Leslie.

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I loved him on Will & Grace but his Tiktoks were great, too. Lovely man.

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I didn’t know him by name. I do recognize him, probably from Will & Grace. Seemed like a nice and smart person.

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Here is a bit about who he was for those of you who don’t know.

As you can imagine, he was beloved in the gay community. I have many friends who met him on many occasions. All of them said he was a genuinely nice man, a real sweetheart. I’m very sad.

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Ohhh :( He was funny as hell. I remember him from Will & Grace as well as American Horror Story. I don’t mean to be irreverent, and he would probably find it funny himself, but doncha just want to gobble him up?! He’s adorable. He lived his life out loud.

Here’s a good article:

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Oh @Hawaii_Jake You just broke my heart!!! I hadn’t heard, so I was shocked to the core. He was a very funny man!!! I loved him on Will & Grace & I looked forward to his new additions to Youtube during the pandemic!!! I will miss him!!!

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I won’t, Until I heard the news this afternoon, I had no idea who he was.

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This is the first I’m hearing of his passing. He was great! He has been in so many shows, he was truly a working actor. Both my husband and I always liked seeing him in a show.

Such a horrible loss for us viewers who enjoy his work. No one is just like him. His Southern accent, short, witty, and gay. He was great. Makes me smile thinking about watching his work. It’s very sad. A real loss to the acting community.

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I’ll remember him from his role in “Ski Patrol.” I may be the only person to know him mostly from that film, but my friends and I loved it and laughed our asses off as kids. I’m sorry to hear of his passing.

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