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Am I the only one who sets my noon alarm for 11:59am? (Details Inside)

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23798points) 3 months ago
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I get 12am and 12pm reversed.

So to work around it I set my noon alarm for 11:59am.

Do you do or done in the past?

What other work arounds did you or do you use?

Humor welcome.

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I’ve done that.

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No. I just remind myself that 12:01 PM comes right after 12:00 PM. Since 12:01 PM is in the afternoon, so must 12:00 PM be.

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Another way of thinking about it is to replace the 12 with 0. It makes more sense for the first hour of the afternoon or of the next day to be 0 than to be 12. Now it should be very obvious that you go from 11:59 AM to 0:00 PM and not 0:00 AM.

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I have to think about it to make sure I get it right. So… I too set times a minute or 15 off.
Also, if available, I use the 24 hour clock option.

Here’s a mind bender. I have a Weekender set-back thermostat for my heating system. It has 4 settings per day with two modes: weekend for 2 days, and week day for 5 days.
Great. You can set it to have different times for 5 week days when you get up early and the 2 days of the week when you get up late. Sleep in on Sat and Sunday and get up early Monday through Friday. BUT I want to stay up late on Friday and Saturday, not Saturday and Sunday. Sunday I need to go to bed early. Oh what to do?

How did I fix it? I set my clock 12 hours earlier so it is the wrong AM or PM and half the time, the wrong day. Then I set my desired times. Friday night is now weekend night and Sunday night is now a week day night. The mornings line up exactly as desired. Perfect.

And that is why I can definitely say: “I am a mental case!”

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Nope. AM comes before PM – Midnight comes before Noon.

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I think in military time so it’s fairly easy. 12 is day, 23:59:59 is midnight.

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I’ve done that.

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24:00 or 00:00 is midnight :)
I don’t think I ever set my alarm for noon or midnight? In my part of the hemisphere, when it’s noon sometimes there’s a big bright thing in the sky. When it’s midnight there is always a real dark sky all around me.

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Best part is, you give yourself one whole full minute to do with whatever you want during the day.

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Since I do not use AM/PM, no.

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