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Should we expect as much from our politicians as we do of immigrants waiting to become a citizen or our high school kids (details inside)?

Asked by LadyMarissa (15754points) 2 weeks ago
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SC State Senator Josh Kimbrell is working on a bill that politicians should be required to pass a simple test on the Constitution before being allowed to run for office. Any immigrant applying for citizenship must show a basic knowledge of our Constitution. And, apparently in SC, they require high school students to do the same in order to graduate. He points out that politicians pledge an oath to uphold the Constitution although they have never even read it. What are your thoughts on this requirement & should it become nationwide requirement?

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No. That is what elections are for.

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Should? yes, theoretically.

But realistically – no. Politicians – with very few exceptions – are power-hungry grifters, and intelligence is not a requirement to be politicians (see: our blond politician in West Georgia).

And if anyone tried to require some sort of intelligence or aptitude test, you can be positive that the politicians would be in an uproar, saying “that’s not in the constitution, you can’t make new qualifications”.

Bottom line is that politicians are DBC. (Dumb By Choice).

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Seems like a good idea.

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That’s a good idea. They should know at least what is required of a high school graduate. If we set some standards, maybe there wouldn’t be any politicians who are “DBC”.

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Only nooow???

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Yes, but their corporate masters would never allow it.

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Different strokes for different folks.
What ya gonna do???

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Sure. Most jobs have some sort of basic qualifications. Since most politicians are responsible for dealing with things involving the law, understanding the Constitution at least in a basic way should be a job requirement. Before they put their hat in the ring and get onto a ballot, they should be required to satisfactorily pass a basic understanding course.

But then I believe they ought to be subjected to random drug testing as well. Military people and postal workers are all required to live by that, those with far more responsibility ought to be held to the same standard.

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Justices on the Supreme Court do not have to have law degrees, or be lawyers or judges. This seems ridiculous.
Oddly, the requirements for Federal office don’t require an understanding of civics.

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Wow, the world must be ending I actually agree with @seawulf575.

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^^ I know how you feel. I thought I had had another stroke & read it 3 times to see if my brain was messing with me.

I love the Senator’s idea, but doubt that it will ever become a reality. He’s a Republican trying to get the bill passed in a hard red state. I’ve always wondered WHY janitors needed more training than a politician. I’m old enough to remember when 99.9% of our politicians had law degrees & understood the Constitution. Not sure when that changed, but it must have been a very slow process or I think I would have noticed!!!

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Just because they read it doesn’t mean they will uphold it.

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That would be aiming far too high. Stupidity I can live with for now. First, we have to tackle deliberate lying, viciousness, violence, threatening behaviour, laziness and subverting democratic elections. It doesn’t matter if they don’t know the Constitution as long as they don’t tear it up in front of our eyes.

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@Forever_Free That is correct. That is one of the reasons that term limits ought to apply as well. If they are that out to lunch, they can only be a thorn for so long.

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<chanting> term limits! term limits! term limits!

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Probably a basic test isn’t a bad idea, but I can see Republicans and Democrats arguing to change the test from one year to the next to somehow keep certain people out of office. Knowledge of the constitution won’t fix the people who have a lack of integrity.

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I think so!

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Term limits should be applied to everything including life.

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Just in case you missed it, life does have rigid term limits!!!

I agree that politicians should have term limits…say 2 terms in & 2 terms OUT & then they can be allowed to run again…except for president. Two terms period seems to work well there!!!

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