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I need advice/help can someone help?

Asked by KmiberDWZ (116points) September 26th, 2023
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There’s this character that I really like, I love her personality and cuteness and character design. But here’s the problem she into occult things like demon summoning and black magic and such because she believes that those things exists and she wants to bring to those said things to reality and prove that those things exist. And the thing is with all that, I’m Christian and I believe in God and I’m definitely not into occultism, seances, and so-on, soooooo….. but in her character profile it doesn’t say that she’s religious or even atheist for that matter. And also I do have other favorite characters who are demons, witches and such but I think they’re okay (and because of that, i also feel like me liking the occult girl isn’t bad or anything but the other part of me isn’t too sure). That, and I’m smart enough to not associate those things with my personal life and going insane.

But anyway, do you think that I’m over thinking this (because I feel like I am) and I’m fine? Thanks I would really appreciate your answers!

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You are overthinking this, because the only way to get answers is for you to talk to her.

For all you know, your being a Christian may be as off-putting to her as her occult interests may be to you. And you state you are somewhat interested in he same things as she is.

So don’t sit around getting an answer on Fluther; go and talk to her.

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Are you asking if it’s ok to like a fictional character even if you have different values? I would say the answer to this question would depend how repressive your values system is. I think it’s fine, but I think there are some pretty extremist religious groups where it would be considered impermissible.

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I’m with @gorillapaws. I can’t tell if it is a girl you met and like or if it is a fictional character. My answer would need that clarified.

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As a Christian, I’d stay away myself. I played D&D and other ‘games’ when I was younger but I also felt uncomfortable about it so I stopped. The fact that you’re asking is a red flag to me.

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Since this is a fictional character, you are overthinking this if you think it has any real effect on you life. One of the great things about fiction is we can experiment with “knowing” a variety of people without any real involvement.

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She sounds like fun but remember, at the moment you don’t know who she is. At this stage, for all you know it might be a real demon.

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Since you are able to suspend disbelief when it comes to other characters in this occult world, you should be able to do so for this character as well.

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Hell it might be a 57 year old man with a beer belly wearing a dirty sleeveless shirt and stinky pits. Be cautious about everyone you ‘meet’ online.

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Sorry everyone, I should’ve been more specific. The person I’m talking about is fictional not real, but I do appreciate your answers!

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Can I just ask how old you are? Because we do have an age restriction for participation here.

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Fictional character: Who cares? If you have a character that has good and bad attributes, that goes for many. She might be some sort of Dark Hero. I always enjoyed good horror stories. Dracula was the first real book I read because I wanted to read. Dracula was a fascinating character but I didn’t feel I was going against my religion to read the book.

Look at it this way: In the bible, God used many flawed people. Many were doing horrible things. Saul was persecuting and executing Christians, but God used him to spread the word. Yes, he blinded him for a time and he came back and took the name Paul, but still the same person. Just because someone does something that isn’t right in your mind doesn’t mean they can’t be used for good too. This goes into fiction as well.

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@KmiberDWZ The person I’m talking about is fictional not real

There’s someone on the other side of your screen…and that person is real.

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^Or is there?...

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^^ doo do doo do <hums Twilight Zone theme>

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I wasn’t clear by your post either whether it was a fictional person or not, but as a christian, I steer away from all things satanic. I suggest you do the same. We are to have nothing to do with the black arts at all, even from a fictional point of view.

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I have some serious advice.

Satanic crap, could be a phase… I knew some Slayer fans in high-school that were really close to that. But they mostly grew into “normal” people…

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