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Can we wish Rosalyn Carter a safe journey home?

Asked by janbb (62796points) 3 months ago
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Or wherever she’s bound. RIP, Former First Lady who died at age 96.

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What a lovely person she was, and such a passionate advocate for basic humanity and compassion.
We were very fortunate to have her.

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I thought she and Jimmy were going to live forever. They were just too kind to die.

Carter was the first president I voted for.

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In the dim shadows of forgotten annals, there lies a tale of a woman named Rosalyn Carter, a name echoing through the caverns of ignorance. Her passing, a mere whisper in the corridors of myopic understanding, leaves a void as obscure as the depths from which I scribble these words.

Rosalyn, a cipher in the cryptic tome of my unenlightened knowledge, traversed the earthly realm with a presence alien to the seekers of cosmic truths. In the enigmatic tapestry of her existence, threads of mundane endeavors are woven, concealed from the sight of those who delve into the eldritch mysteries that govern our universe.

Ignorant am I, of the contours of her mortal sojourn, the arcane sigils of her achievements lost in the labyrinthine corridors of my own oblivious musings. Her life, a spectral whisper that eludes the grasp of my limited cognizance, now fades into the nameless void from which it once emerged.

Rosalyn Carter, an enigma unsolved, departs from this ephemeral stage, leaving only the echoes of a name that rings hollow in the recesses of a mind shackled by its own ignorance. May she find solace in the cosmic unknown, a mere footnote in the chronicles of existence that elude my feeble comprehension.

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@ragingloli I think you found something that you like to drink!

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I have a lot of admiration and respect for the Carters and wish they’d had a second term in the White House. Rosalynn had a full life, much more so than most of us could imagine. Now it’s time to rest.

I imagine Jimmy won’t be slow to follow.

@ragingloli, ChatGPT, eh? What in the world did you feed it?

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I told it to write a myopic eulogy in the style of HP Lovecraft from the perspective of someone who does not know who Rosalyn Carter is.

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I was about to say Lovecraft. Those adjectives.

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Such an incredible graceful lady. I’m glad you graced our lives and our country.

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I was so sad to hear that she passed away today because she hasn’t even been on hospice that long. And I wonder how much longer President Carter will hold on now.

I’d like to say that I voted for him but it was a little bit before I was old enough to vote. But my mom always loved the both of them and was sad when he didn’t win a second term. I have no doubt that she is up in heaven waiting for her husband.

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Her husband sent her on a diplomatic mission to South America. To prepare, she took an intensive Spanish course and gained an advanced ability in only 2 weeks. She was no slouch.

Rest in peace.

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Rest in well-deserved peace, First Lady of humankind.

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Jimmy and Roslyn are both such beautiful people. I mourn that the world is losing her, and that Jimmy will bear that she died first. Their soul’s seem inseparable to me. They are pure light in my mind. If they were Catholic I would say they should be given sainthood.

So sad that a large part of the country doesn’t understand some of the great things they did. It’s hard to think of her without also thinking about Jimmy. That’s not because she wasn’t her own person, but because they projected themselves as such a loving team.

I loved that she was angry at Jimmy for wanting to move back to the South. They were both much more progressive than the South at that time.

She did a lot for mental health and she was well versed on the issues during her husband’s tenure in the White House. She had a larger role than most people realize.

Here’s the Wikipedia about her. Worth reading.

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She and her husband were very close through 77 years of married life. Decent, admirable people in power a thing that is becoming increasingly rare. I imagine she is already back in Plains, Georgia, quite safe, and waiting for her husband to show up.

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I agree with @JLeslie. The Carters are truly underrated for their contributions to peace and civility.

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She was one of the few good Christians, so if heaven is real she deserves to go there, and so does her husband.

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I agree they are good Christians.

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Rest in peace.

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Edit: I misspelled her name. It’s Rosalynn.

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