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Home remedies for sinus infection, anyone?

Asked by LifeQuestioner (3365points) 3 months ago
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So today was day five after I tested positive for covid and I’m now negative, thank goodness! But now I’ve developed something that is either a sinus infection or at least a cold in my eye. Of course, it’s Sunday, so I can’t get a hold of my doctor. I could have gone to an urgent care place but wasn’t really feeling strong enough to go out.

I know there’s all sorts of over-the-counter stuff that I could order and have delivered, but I’m a complicated person. I have high blood pressure and kidney disease in particular, so there’s a lot of medicines I can’t take.

I did buy a humidifier on Amazon which will come tomorrow morning, but if anybody has any other suggestions for things that will help, I’m more than willing to listen. I figured tonight is going to be pretty miserable either way.

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Ok this probably sounds weird, but something I’ve done in the past for nasal problems is to make some mild salt water (all dissolved) and umm…snort it gently in each nostril. It helps dry up secretions. I’ve also been known to put some kleenex in the nostril that’s leaking and leave it there for a bit. It helps if your nose is annoyingly running. I completely understand about the hypertension and kidney disease. Hope you feel better soon!

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If you have polyps or starting a sinus infection salt water rinses, @smudges will help. Pink eye is not uncommon for Covid. You will probably need to see a doctor to treat your sinuses if you develop an infection since Covid weakens your immune system. Even though you are not popping positive now, it doesn’t mean your body isn’t compromised. I’ve known people who took months to recover. I hope you feel better soon. Also, a warm compress won’t hurt. If you typically suffer from sinus issues I would get navage nasal starter kit. My husband has polyps and gets sinus infections and if he’s quick on treating his sinuses with the Navage, he can usually keep it from going into full infection. You have to do it at least twice a day. He hates doing it though because he says it drains to the back of his throat at night. So do it a couple of hours before bed time. But do get it checked incase its beyond regular care and you need antibiotics

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Warm chicken broth, and some ginger ale. Bed rest, and staying hydrated.

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Maybe take an antihistamine like Coricidin, check with your doctor. That one is usually safe for high BP, but I’m not sure about the kidney situation. I would just take it once a day for some relief if it is allowed.

You say a cold in your eye, so does one eye have some sort of infection? Or, your eyes just feel irritated? Is your one eye crusted shut in the morning? That probably needs a topical antibiotic.

When you are ready to shower, go to your smallest bathroom in your house, close the door and run the shower at it’s hottest to fill the room with steam. Then turn the water to your desired temp and take your shower. Inhaling the steam is good for your lungs and sinuses.

Sorry for your misery.

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@JLeslie I was worried about pink eye last night, which I’ve never had. But there’s been no discharge from the eye and it’s not crusty or in pain. It just waters a lot, which I read is from your nasal passages being congested.

Now I am somewhat encouraged. I put some orajel on my upper gums last night, not because I think it’s a tooth issue, but because my gums were hurting so bad. And then before I went to bed I put some Vicks vapor rub cream at the bottom of my nose and across my nose and forehead and on that cheek. I am feeling so much better this morning although I know I still really need to be careful.

Can’t wait for my humidifier to be delivered because I know that’s going to help too.

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Finely dice an onion. Finely dice 3 cloves of garlic. Finely dice a sweet bell pepper. Saute these for a couple minutes to soften the onions. Add in a can of Rotel (diced tomatoes with green chiles). Add a few shakes of Worcestershire sauce and a few of soy sauce…about equal parts. Add in some hot sauce. Jalapenos are optional. But the more heat the better. Heat this over a low heat to blend the flavors. Remove from heat and let cool. Eat with tortilla chips. Eat until your mouth is on fire, let it cool down a bit and eat some more.

Onion and Garlic have lots of sulfur in them…nature’s antibiotic. The hot stuff will help open your sinuses. The peppers are full of Vitamin C which helps your immune system.

I call it my Medicinal Salsa.

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Full sinuses can cause “tooth pain” in the upper teeth. It’s the pressure.

Do you have a cough?

Is your mucous yellow or green when you blow your nose?

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A quart of hot chicken Tom Yum (Thai soup) Mix it with some hot and sour soup. Clears the sinuses and has all the healing powers of a Jewish mother’s chicken soup.

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The neti pot might help. Follow instructions regarding type of salt and only use distilled water, I use distilled water and still boil it four minutes before using. Of course I have to let it cool for close to an hour before it is comfortable temp. My aunt lived with us when I was a kid and she did that snorting salt water from a saucer thing. We thought she was weird. :)

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@JLeslie by the time all this developed Saturday night and yesterday, my cough was on the way out. And the whole time my mucus never even turned yellow or green but was clear.

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Some “natural ” remedies would involve echinacea tea and honey. Honey has antibiotic properties.

I wouldn’t necessarily advise them as a substitute for medical care, but they’ve been effective for me in the past when medical care wasn’t available.

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I’m not a doctor but since I’ve started steaming if i have any sinua issues, they resolve very quickly. I’d do it over a stove topvif I had to.

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I predict in three days you’re all better.

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@JLeslie I hope you’re right! The change today is amazing! I don’t even have any congestion and my nose is totally clear! I’ve actually gotten some stuff done around the house which is good because I go back to work tomorrow. That will be the real test of if my strength is back although it’s mainly a desk job.

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Steam helps me. Boil a pot of water. Put it on the table and wait for it to cool a little. Place your head over the pot, and a towel over both your head and the pot. Careful, though: if the steam is too hot, you’ll get hurt.

Once you’re in your little steam cave, just relax for 15 minutes or so. I often find that after doing this once or twice, my sinuses have cleared up.

Glad you’re feeling better, hope going to work is not too much.

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^^ I used to do that as a facial to open pores!

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@longgone – cold viruses like to live in 92F environments. Your steam cave will get your nasal membranes higher than that => unfavorable for cold viruses. But like you said – be careful of the temp.

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@longgone That is another time-tested way to get relief. I saw the “grownups” doing that as a kid. I never have done it myself though. My neighbor, on more than one occasion, took her toddler into the bathroom, closed the door, and turned on the shower hot water. The bathroom got steamy and seemed to help the little guy. I rarely, very rarely, have to deal with a cold.

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Please call your doctor. I tried treating myself and “toughing it out” and almost died. Finally went to emergency and was in the hospital for a week.

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