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What are you happily anticipating in the holiday feast tomorrow?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (37331points) November 22nd, 2023
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Happy Thanksgiving, Americans!

I’m cooking stuffed squash and tarte a l’oignon (onion tart).

What’s going to be on your table?

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After the pandemic, I’ll be happy just being together.
That and green bean casserole.

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The only thing I care about is having my father and all three children with us.

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the taste combo of turkey, stuffing, yams, and gravy.

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Not having to cook or clean up but I do miss my kiddos.

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My family and peanut butter pie.

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@Hawaii_Jake Try this:

Peanut butter pie made from scratch using cream cheese, peanut butter, and frozen whipped topping, garnished with peanut butter cups for a delicious treat. Read More:

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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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Apple pie is now in the oven that I’m bringing for dessert at friends’ house after our restaurant dinner.This pie recipe bears a very special history. The guys I’m going to dinner with have been friends of mine since high school and one day at one of their houses I had a wonderful apple pie that David’s “MumMum” had made. I asked for the recipe and had made it a few times over the years.

Fast forward 50 years and David and his partner now own a restaurant. David told me one day that he had asked his pastry chef to make the apple pie his grandmother made but she hadn’t gotten it right. I told him, “I have the recipe!” I made it and brought it over and he said, “That’s it!” I still have the recipe he wrote out for me in his handwriting from 50 years ago.

He asked me to make it for tomorrow.

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@janbb That’s a lovely story.

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@janbb That is a lovely story. Makes my heart happy.

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Going to daughter, SIL’s and 3 grandsons.

I’m bringing a smashed potato casserole with sour cream, milk, shallots, spices and cheese.

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I’ll have my dinner on Friday and am looking forward to the flavors of turkey, my mom’s dressing and gravy. Pecan pie a la mode courtesy of Ms. Callender.

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My wife and I are going to the gym in the morning for a 2 hour workout. Then go home and put a turkey on the Webber to smoke. Work on a project. Eat the turkey. Then watch the 9’ers pluck the Hawks. Go to bed early probably before the game is over. Don’t care who wins. Just enjoy the hype and the spectacle of the athletic performance (I’m not an athletic supporter. HA!). Don’t like to see anyone get hurt. But that’s the nature of such an extreme sport.

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Food – I just like turkey because I only eat it once or twice a year. Everything that goes with the turkey I like when it’s all kind of jumbled together on the plate.

We’re going to a fancy club in NYC that someone in my family belongs to. There’s a strict dress code and it always makes me nervous because if you’re not dressed properly, you’re not getting in. The doormen will size you up – the rules for ladies are suits, dresses or skirts. Tailored pants are allowed if paired with a jacket, elegant sweater or scarf, or a tailored or beaded top. Prohibited are jeans or denim of any kind, cargo pants, capris, rompers, shorts, leggings of any type, athletic wear of any type, T shirts, sportswear, bare midriff, beach or thong sandals or sneakers. The member is responsible for the guest so I don’t want to wear anything which will get the member in trouble. Every time I go, the dress code stresses me out because I have to plan what I’m wearing, and if I’m taking a train down there, I will wear sneakers on the train and then I need to bring a bag with dress shoes in it. Ugh. Once I get there, I’m ok but it’s the thought of all that which stresses me out.

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I wish I could have some of the food :D

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The turkey and, later, blueberry pie.

Also, hopefully not landing in the hospital as I did last Thanksgiving.

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My sister is making my mom’s dressing, or stuffing if that’s the term you use. Also, my brother-in-law makes these awesome mashed potatoes. Finally, we are trying to replicate the broccoli cheese mushroom dish that my mom used to make, but none of us could find the recipe so my sister tried to wing it today. I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see how it turned out.

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I’m taking my family to Golden Corral for dinner. The teens are fairly picky about their food, so this way everybody is happy.

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I am happily anticipating the day! We get to see the kids, grands, and other family members. And the food is great, too.
We are serving at 12:30 to accommodate everybody’s schedule. The turkey went in the oven at 6:55 this morning..
Of course, I have temperature sensors and an Excel spreadsheet that tracks desired temperature vs actual temperature over time. I try to have it hit “done” within 3 minutes of target.
So far, so good!

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My BIL made a zucchini and tomato casserole that I’m interested in trying. He also is making a ham, which is very exciting. The last few years I have had Thanksgiving with friends and both they and me have no idea how to make a ham, so we just usually buy it, but this year my BIL is visiting so we put him to work. We are still having dinner with the same friends and my BIL is coming too.

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@LuckyGuy Of course you would have an excel spreadsheet on your turkeys progress! We would expect no less from you!

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Cornish game hens with my magic stuffing!

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All of it. I made 6 pies, 2 chocolate, 1 apple, 3 pumpkin. Pumpkin roll x2.
Dinner is a whole smoked ham braised w red wine and cloves, mashed, gb casserole, yams, stuffing.
My inlaws are sick so i’m droppingcoff dinner and no idea what to do with all this food. Maybe nake @Mimishu1995 a plate. :)

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@KNOWITALL Red wine and cloves sounds good.

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^^ Dinner at @KNOWITALL‘s!

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11 year old grandson made salad (blueberries, sliced almonds, cran-raisins, feta cheese, romaine lettuce), mac and cheese (curly mac – -butter with Parmesan cheese) and desserts which he made in a muffin tins (puff pastry – - – pumpkin pie filling and pecan and butterscotch). He is taking a Cooking class at his school.

We had a ball.

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Update: the ham was very good, the zucchini dish had too much onion and garlic.

Turkey had too many and too much herbs for me. Stuffing was good. Mashed potatoes were packaged microwavable and ok, but not like scratch potatoes. Gravy from a jar was below par, I only used a couple of tablespoons. Green bean casserole was a great consistency, but cold, and that has to be hot to be good. Cornbread pudding was very tasty.

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Best part of the day was meeting new neighbors and other islanders while spending the week at my new home on island in midcoastal Maine.

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I gained 3 pounds since yesterday!

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Is that a good thing @Dutchess_III ? ?

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Yes. I need to gain at least 20 pounds.

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@Dutchess_III The very best of luck to you in packing on the pounds. My best friend for about 45 years was just 4’11”. When she was pregnant she got to over 100 lbs; her normal weight was in the 80s.

Many years later she needed a feeding tube and got down to 50 lbs(!). It’s not easy to gain when you need to – only when you don’t want to. Just eat lots of heart healthy, but calorie- laden foods. But I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how to do it. I have faith in you. <3

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Well I’ve always been slender with the exception of the year after I had my second baby. No, it wasn’t that stupid “baby fat” BS. I had been nursing for almost 4 years, and that’ll rip the calories right out of you! I ate pretty much whatever I wanted.
Then I quit nursing but didn’t adjust my eating habits and I packed on the pounds.
I learned to count calories, plain and simple, and it gradually melted away, and I kept it off for 30 years. Without even thinking about it it I STILL count calories to this day.
Well, now I have to do the same thing only in reverse. I just added more butter for my potato pancakes to absorb. :)

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^^^also I made 2 instead of 1 and did not pat it with a paper towel to remove excess grease.

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Yayyy! Good for you!

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