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Does anyone know of a free or low cost relationship expert?

Asked by gentleman2222 (49points) December 12th, 2023
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I am looking for a free or low cost relationship expert to:
(1) Provide an overall strategy on how to get my ex-girlfriend back
(2) Craft an email outline to send to my ex-girlfriend

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Have you tried ChatGPT?

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You can pay me $5 and I’ll tell you it ain’t gonna happen.

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For $2.50 I’ll tell you that’s creepy and don’t do it.

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Oh outbid, am I?

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There’s something fundamentally insincere about a person getting a consultant to patch up a relationship.

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You get what you pay for. If they’re free or cheap, how good can they be?

Tbh, I wouldn’t want a boyfriend who pays someone to tell him how to “get me” and keep me happy enough that I stay. If the boyfriend doesn’t know me well enough or care enough to figure it out by himself, then he’s either not invested enough or not intelligent enough for me. I don’t mean to be rude or insensitive, but maybe one of those reasons is why you lost her in the first place. just from a woman’s perspective

You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink it.

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There’s a reason why she’s your ex girlfriend. What happened? If I were you, I’d invest the time (not money) by thinking about what happened, what, if any, role you played in the failure of the relationship. Think honestly about it. It might be painful to do an honest assessment but it’s something you will learn from. Then, move on. Whatever you learn from this experience, try to use that with the next relationship so you don’t make the same mistakes again.

Nobody that you pay or nobody that does it for free can guarantee to get your ex back.

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Yes. Friends, and family. Or have a talk over a drink with a bartender. Or a pizza with friends.

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I’ll do it for free.
Leave her alone.

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I agree with @Dutchess_III I would add “Therapy or Jail”! “Therapy preferred ”.

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The irony would be if she broke up with this person because they were too cheap…

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This is not the sort of question that I would expect from a gentleman.

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Best to not ever contact her again. Pro bono.

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There is a reason she is an ex. This then makes the overall strategy nearly as complex as Trumps legal woes.
Ask Rudy Giuliani and firm. I hear he is in need of funds. He works out of the Four Seasons Total Landscaping parking lot these days.

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