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Are you into the Super Bowl?

Asked by jca2 (16249points) 2 months ago
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Is the Super Bowl something that you’re into?

For me, I don’t know much about football. I usually will have it on, mainly for the ads and the halftime show, so I can participate in and comprehend discussions about it in the following days.

This year, maybe a little more than usual because of all the talk about Trav and Tay Tay haha, plus it’s the first time ever that it’s in LV, which adds a bit of glamor to it. I might do some fun foods while parked in front of the TV for the night.

It used to be a day when I’d go to someone’s house for a party, which would be fun but also annoying because of course it was a work night, and I’d be getting out of there and home around 11 or so, and have to get up early Monday morning for work. Every year, I’d wish Super Bowl Sunday was on Saturday.

How about you?

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Into it, Chiefs are our team.
Last year we went to a party, this year we’ll probably stay home. It’s hard to actually focus on the game at parties. Go Chiefs!

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In general, it’s more of the social aspect of watching football with a group of friends. I’m not always so interested in the game or the commercials or the performances.

That said, this year the Niners are involved, so I care more than usual (you’re going down, @KNOWITALL) ;) and I’ll be attending a watch party in San Francisco.

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If it is on one of my two antenna Canadain channels that I get then I will watch. I will maybe order lots of meat on game day.

I usually sleep in, and miss most of the game.

Zesty Doritos and two racks of pork ribs are my plan.

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I’ll probably turn on the last quarter.

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As a Forty-Niner fan, I will turn the TV on about 45 minutes before kick-off. I plan on grilling a tri-tip steak Sunday evening to celebrate the victory.

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Not really. My husband cares about football, so I’m fine with him watching it, and I pay semi attention. I don’t care to go to super bowl parties or do anything special. In fact, going to a party would mean I’m stuck for 4 hours.

If his team, the Steelers, was playing then I would pay more attention just because he cares about it.

My husband likes good commercials too.

I like to watch the half-time.

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@JLeslie What I’ve heard is that this year, there are going to be more ads aimed at women, since more women will be watching due to Taylor Swift.

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@jca2 That interests me.

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I may or may not watch it, because my team, the Ravens, didn’t make it. But if I do end up watching it, it will be for two reasons. One to cheer on the 49ers and one to watch the commercials which hopefully are amusing this year. The past year or so they seem to have dropped the ball on having entertaining commercials.

I could care less about the halftime show and will probably do something like scoop my cats’ litter boxes during that time. I never watch it, and I definitely am sick of hearing about Taylor Swift and Kelce. In fact, if they start talking about her a bunch, I will probably turn the game off all together.

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I am not American so not really. But guys who play in it, thats something else

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I don’t know much about professional football. But I bet that guy Taylor Swift is pretty fast.

Go Niners!

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Never been to a Super Bowl party; never watched the game. Just not my thing.

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I have no choice! Rick is a huge Chiefs fan.
Chips and dips all around. You all are invited.

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No interest whatsoever.

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@Demosthenes @zenvelo Have fun at your parties as you may need to cry in your cocktails later!! Four years ago we shut you down and we’ll do it again!!! (I hope.) :)

LAS VEGAS—As the final seconds ticked away in Super Bowl LIV, the devastated San Francisco 49ers stood in stunned silence on the Hard Rock Stadium sideline after letting a 10-point fourth-quarter lead slip away.

In the aftermath of that 31–20 defeat at the hands of the Kansas City Chiefs, the then-upstart Niners took solace in the idea their reign at the top of the NFC was just beginning. A miked up George Kittle was caught on camera vowing he would get back to the big game “with a vengeance.” Defensive end Nick Bosa and linebacker Fred Warner, then in their first and second seasons in the league, respectively, figured they’d not only be back, but that it would happen in short order.

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I’ve always felt that the food at a Super Bowl party sounded pretty damned good but no one has ever invited me.

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Meh. I’m a Saints fan if you ask, but I don’t really watch NFL football anymore. Maybe I’ll watch the ads on a website in the coming weeks.

A local board game cafe has done $5 (now 6) all-you-can-play on Super Bowl Sunday, and I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of that the past couple of years. This year, I’ll be at a different cafe with some guys running contraband and “avoiding Imperial entanglements” playing Star Wars: Outer Rim.

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@janbb Depends. Used to be crockpot meatballs or cheesesteaks, then pizza, then switched to sandwiches like party subs, southern boil, nacho towers, or WINGS. Now its always a themed charcuterie board or smashburgers or sliders for every party. Really tough for a germaphobe haha!

Anytime you go to a nice bar, it’s so crowded with drunks you can’t get good service. Dang plebeians.

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I’ll probably go disc golfing during the game. Nobody will be out on the course.

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I love sports for the fun competition, but don’t follow very close to the point of picking and defending sides. Just a mere interested spectator.

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Yes. It’s a holiday.

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@Blackberry Same here. Mahomes is uber-competitive which is why I enjoy watching him. He almost always pulls off such crazy stunts to get the win.

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It bores me to tears. I’d watch half-time but that’s usually stuff I’m not into at all either.

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@Blackwater_Park Do you know the game? I found it very boring until I learned the rules, now it’s interesting. Ha!

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Go Taylor’s boyfriend. ;)

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@KNOWITALL I do, still boring.

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I’m a 49ers fan, but I have to work… lousy timing.

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I have no interest in watching sports on TV and spectator sports in general. I’m American but I’ve never watched an entire NFL game.

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I followed football decades ago. Then a bit when the Seahawks were good and got to the Superbowl a couple of times. And I wish I’d seen the Superbowl where the Patriots’ star quarterback got creamed by the Giants early in the game, and they lost.

I haven’t followed football at all since the Seahawks won the Superbowl, except I noticed the ugly misogynist episodes, and the disgusting treatment of the player who protested the flag ritual – that was enough for me to stop paying any attention. I now see the NFL as complicit in the MAGA BS that has plaqued US politics for too long, so I’m in protest (and apathy) of practically all NFL stuff until/unless they actually rectify that.

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Yes. I like football but never really watch sports in general. I’ll have some playoff games on in the background while doing laundry or something. But we always watch the Super Bowl. Mostly for the ads and an excuse to eat game day food.

This year though, I’m rooting for Taylor’s team.

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Pro football in Vegas…huh…go figure. Now if it were a college game, yeah, I’d watch.

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@cookieman We’ll gladly take your support, buddy!

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I dropped NFL years ago and never looked back.

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Of course not. Bunch of padded pussies. Now Rugby, that is a real sport. No padding, no helmets, no pause every 5 seconds.They go in raw, like real men.

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Puppy Bowl for me.

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@ragungloli Our KC Chiefs have global marketing rights in Germany so they’ll be back. Apparently interest soared after they played last time. Per CBS Sports.

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I do not know any KFC chiefs.

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I was a nonconformist, when I was younger.
Something about liking something that many people like, made me feel too much like a sheep.
That included everything from music, attire, certain sports, politics, etc.

I bring this up because many on this thread seem to want to make it clear, that not only will they not be watching, but that they have a basic disdain for the sport in general.

I have to admit. I missed out on a lot of things that I actually really like now, because of my incorrect opinion that popular things are generally for lesser minded people. Sheep are easily amused. Most popular things can be picked apart for taking advantage of trends, and lacking creativity.
However. As I am older, and wiser now, I see things differently.
I can see the Super Bowl, as a prime example of the American culture of capitalism, and distraction from our government’s behavior.
It’s far more than that.

Loli, Rugby is indeed a physical sport. However. The NFL has brought in elite rugby players for decades. Always assuming that similar skills should work in American Football. Unfortunately. Rugby players rarely even make it on practice squads. The ONLY position that Rugby players can excel in, is a punter.

As far as the “puppy bowl” goes, it’s just random puppies in a space. If anyone thinks football is a boring sport, or just for stupid people, they must first admit that watching puppies be puppies, is not exactly evidence that they have a more advanced mind than a child or special needs person. So please. Brag away. It should also dawn on puppy bowl fans, that there wouldn’t be a puppy bowl, if not for the Super Bowl.

If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. The NFL does NOT need your support. Especially the Super Bowl. The television audience is expected to be around 110 million viewers, with countless millions watching in groups at bars or parties.
I read an article that reported that around 20% of the viewers are actually just watching for the TV commercials. Apparently 30 second adds, cost $17 million.
With online, and other gambling, the league will make plenty of money.
It’s also good for the economy.
Pizza/wing restaurants, bars, textile industries, alcohol manufacturers, and essentially the entire US, will financially benefit from the game.

With Taylor Swift bringing millions of her fans into the sport, this will likely be the most watched game, so far.

It will be played in my team’s (LV Raiders’) stadium in Las Vegas.
Allegedly, the game is supposed to be powered entirely by a nearby solar farm. Lots of interesting stuff going on.

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@ragingloli November 5th 2023 they played there. Frankfurt stadium.

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^There was an NFL Europe, for severs years. It was really a D league, for American Football though, so the sport couldn’t sustain talent.

The NFL schedules several games in Europe, and usually at least one in Mexico EVERY year.
Very much due, obviously, to European fans.

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The Puppy Bowl is a hell of a lot more entertaining that the superbowl and doesn’t take any more brain power.

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Oh, @MrGrimm888, do stop with the high horse. I imagine that you would find watching sailboat racing (unless you have done it and really appreciate the nuances) as boring as some of us find football. Puppies are cute. I like cute. The colloquial wording of the question indicates it was casually asked, and the OP wanted opinions.

Congratulations on your epiphany, personal growth is always a good thing.

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^I respect your opinions.
I was just saying that I know a lot of smart people can be nonconformists. It seems like some jellies are practically offended that the SB is even happening.
And with due respect (and fondness) @smudges , I believe that you are simply unaware of what makes American Football the countries favorite sport.

Ah @canidmajor . As always, you make wildly unfounded, and ignorant statements. Especially when it comes to men. I personally did not require your contribution to guess your stance on a male dominated sport that has physical competition. You are the most transparent jelly here. And as such, very predictable.
No worries. I actually look forward to seeing you galvanize my understanding of you.
☆Your desire to be offended, by all things regarding men must be rooted in an unfortunate life alongside the opposite sex. With your advanced years, it’s likely that you indeed suffered, perhaps greatly the evil of men.
I doubt that you will find me sincere, but I’m sorry.

I’m sorry that men, are people too. Animals really, like you.
From my observations, I see that shitty people, certainly outnumber the better ones. And the emotional effects of them on our lives, can overpower how we feel about people who have never done anything wrong to us. Let’s call it punishing someone, for the acts of someone else. Misdirected anger.

I’m truly sorry for whatever men have put you through.
I find your “type,” to be plentiful.
Women who eventually retract from all things male, and blame them for all of society’s woes.

Sailing. Whilst this analogy is oranges and apples (at best,) I will address you concept.
Here, you have a valid point.
I would not prefer watching sailboat racing, to the Super Bowl.
However. I live in a port city. We have dozens of massive celebrations, festivals, and events of all themes nautical.
I am personally a canoe/kayak person. There are some overlapping themes.
I love sailboats. I’ve been a dechand on a tour boat, and around the water most of my life.We have an annual Tall Ships gathering in Charleston harbor. You can see the masses, above the skyline of the peninsula.
They teach sailing, at Patriots Point. It’s in the mouth of Charleston harbor. Right next to the USS Yorktown. I worked on the Yorktown too.
I am NOT a sailor. But.
I am VERY aware of the nuances, strategy of tacking, speed and danger that goes into sailing.

The sheer fact that you compare the two, is very indicative of your understanding of football.

I don’t believe that someone has to understand something, to enjoy it.

However. I do understand why you like “cute.” That would be your maternal instincts.

To be clear. I am not saying people SHOULD like football. I was just talking about how some people grow out of disliking things solely because most people do.

Thank you. It was indeed an epiphany. It was indeed a good thing. Admitting a weakness does not usually put someone on a “high horse.” But. If you choose to be upset by my every word, that’s on you.

Perhaps you could explain all the nuances, training, technology, and danger involved in filming puppies playing.
Clearly you are far more sophisticated than I. Throw me a bone.

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Ooh yes, the Puppy Bowl too is a lot of fun.

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I believe that you are simply unaware of what makes American Football the countries favorite sport.

You’re exactly right! I do not see what the hoopla is all about, although I know the excitement exists. But now it’s almost entirely about money and who can buy whom; who has the biggest stadium (ahem…size) and what city can afford to build the biggest stadium; who’s the brawniest players; who’s the best coaches who get fired right after the many games; who’s not in jail for beating up his wife/girlfriend or getting a DUI or not passing a drug test or shooting up something/someone.

Yeah, I believe that 40–50 years ago pro football was about the sport. Now it’s about everything but. Sadly, even college football is now getting into all of the pissing contests.

smudges's avatar

I do understand why you like “cute.” That would be your maternal instincts.

If I could climb all the way up to you on that high horse, I’d slap the sexist shit out of you. What a thing to say. pfffft!

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I’m not into sports. It seems like the news is really going overboard this year, maybe because one of the teams is sort of from this area. I often watch the specials that feature the commercials later on in the week.

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I’m SUPER PUMPED for the Chiefs, or maybe the 9ers.
I think I’m gonna rent me an imported traditional wife, to prep and fetch me my game-time snacks. ;-p

Here’s an article I read at Yahoo Sports News:

“Super Bowl 2024: Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes says team is OK with being ‘a villain’”.

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I need chiken wings.

cookieman's avatar

^ Just picked up 5lbs. of teriyaki wings from my butcher.

Dutchess_III's avatar

Told Rick to get a cheese cake and some cherry pie filling to put on top. The filling makes it a Chief’s Cake. Hahahahaha!

cookieman's avatar

^^ Nice. Fancy.

Here’s my menu:

Teriyaki Wings
Pulled Pork Dip
Buffalo Dip
Steak & Cheese Calzone
Coconut Shrimp
Ham & Cheese Sliders
Pork Roast
String Beans
Olives, Mozzarella, Tomatoes
Pretzel Bites
Italian Rum Cake

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We’re going out for Veracruz Mexican; bring home the left overs.

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@smudges I’m uncertain what is sexist about scientific fact.
It’s the same reason males find things cute. But it’s paternal.

Females are more nurturing, than males.
Males are driven by instincts, chemicals, and hormones too.

They are more aggressive, and physically rough, naturally.

☆I find it perplexing that you rant about toxic masculinity and brawn, just to threaten physical violence.

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For the fans, I noticed a Puppy Bowl XX Trailer on the streaming service MAX.

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Great game, few flags, we barely pulled it off. Go Chiefs, back to back baby!

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I don’t know a whole lot about football but I was really into it this year. It was so close! I was rooting for the Chiefs and was glad and amazed that they won, right at the very end. Not amazed that they won, actually, but amazed that it was so close and such a nail biter to the very last minute.

Dutchess_III's avatar

Yeah…Mahomes was really off.

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OMG! Taylor won her first Super Bowl, in her rookie season.

cookieman's avatar

@tinyfaery: Exactly!! Go T-Swizzle.

My daughter has a shirt that said “Taylor’s Team. Super Bowl LVIII”

jca2's avatar

Today one of the local FB groups was joking that the Swiftie magic got the Chiefs to win.

tinyfaery's avatar

Lucky number 13.

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Indeed. NFL is easily the most exciting sports league, with the best plot lines and the most parity. The formula they’ve got going is unreal right now. There’s no sports product that can hold a candle to it.

@smudges – I have no idea what football you’ve been watching, but the NFL has never been better. Sure, there’s lots to hate about capitalism, but that’s a larger issue. Sports are the purest form of entertainment, the NFL is the best sports product the world has ever seen, and you’re living through its golden age. If you don’t like it, fine, but just spouting ignorantly about things you don’t understand is the reason y’all set Grimm off in the first place.

@ragingloli – I’m glad it makes you feel good, but maybe find some new jokes about it? Your NFL repertoire is straight out of an early aughts email chain.

smudges's avatar

^^ Sports are the purest form of entertainment, the NFL is the best sports product the world has ever seen, and you’re living through its golden age.

That’s simply an opinion. Everyone has one and I voiced mine.

but just spouting ignorantly about things you don’t understand is the reason y’all set Grimm off in the first place.

I wasn’t. I understand sports and the excitement – I’m just disappointed with the way the almighty dollar has taken them over. Don’t assume I’m ignorant just because you don’t agree with me. Doesn’t make you look good.

Smashley's avatar

@smudges – I’ve never looked good.

You were complaining that football today is inferior to football of the past because it isn’t about the sport anymore, and I said that its popularity is actually, uniquely about the quality of the sport – those other things are true, but the sport itself is a finely tuned masterpiece of a corporate creation. Sorry if I wasn’t nice about it, my wife was nagging me and I was projecting a bit.

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Handegg/IPCASM is not worth the effort.

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I just checked back in on this thread. It degenerated fast.
If you like football you watched it. If you don’t you didn’t. Some people find it boring. Others don’t. People are different.

I think soccer is boring as shit, but I love baseball, which other people tell me is boring as shit. I love college basketball but I can’t stand the NBA. I prefer womens basketball to mens. Others don’t.

I think people who are snooty about sports are just being assholes. People like what they like.

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News reported yesterday that this Super Bowl was the most watched program of all time, not just the most watched Super Bowl. Something like 143 million viewers. No I didn’t google to verify.

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A friend of mine tried to watch the superbowl, but she discovered her streaming service doesn’t get CBS. She hadn’t even noticed before that. Maybe they are in negotiations with CBS.

I’ll give Taylor Swift and Fox News credit for increased viewership this year.

smudges's avatar

@Smashley No problem. Sometimes even when we mean something we could phrase it better. I did that earlier. ;)

jca2's avatar

Largest audience for a single network broadcast to date:

However, Apollo moon landing had more according to that article.

@JLeslie that article says it’s because of Taylor Swift and Usher.

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Well. The 49ers apparently didn’t study the new overtime rules. I’ve been hearing that ALL week.
Any true athlete will say, if you didn’t want overtime you should have stopped them.

I thought the Cheifs actually got a lot of help, from the refs in the playoffs. But. The SB was called pretty well. For the most part, they “let them play.” I have no real complaints.

Free agency, and the salary cap, will slowly eat away at the Cheifs. Next year, they’ll just be Pat and Travis taking up almost half the Cheifs’ team salary…
Chris Jones will likely be let go, so they can re-sign Snead and other younger players…

That’s another reason why the NFL is so special.
There is a salary cap, for all teams. So they all have the same money to spend.
The worst teams get the highest draft picks in the upcoming next season, so they have a chance to get better.
The cap makes it difficult to keep a good team together.

MrGrimm888's avatar

Money IS an issue.
But. We live in a capitalist nation. In capitalism, eventually the relentless pursuit of profit margins dilute, or destroy most products.
This year, was the first time Americans had to pay, to see a playoff game on Peacock. FUCK THAT.
If they want to start charging for us to watch football, then the NFL needs to renegotiate their tax relationship with the US government. The NFL (as a company,) doesn’t pay most taxes.

The main reason I can’t enjoy college football, is the fact that it’s a recruiting game. Some programs will never be shitty. Most will never have even a tiny chance at actually competing with the most powerful programs.

gorillapaws's avatar

@MrGrimm888 “The SB was called pretty well.”

I mostly agree. I think SF had 4 false-starts or something like that. you can’t win a Super Bowl with mental errors like that—not to mention missing the extra point…

Demosthenes's avatar

Well, there are few things more American than football and a mass shooting:

MrGrimm888's avatar

^I saw that.
Until I hear different, I think it was just something that inevitably happens anymore in large gatherings…

JLeslie's avatar

I just came here to post about the shooting. WTF?! I wasn’t watching the news today, so I just heard about (late Wednesday night). I couldn’t find anything about the shooter online. Just unbelievable that this type of thing keeps happening.

MrGrimm888's avatar

^I think like 20 people might be hurt, and at least one dead.

I think about my part-time bouncer job, and all the time I spent wondering why cows can stand together in tight space, but not humans.
People just can’t coexist in a large number. More people, more potential problems.

I think I heard they have open carry or something like that where it happened. If that’s true, I’m absolutely thrilled that it doesn’t happen more often.

JLeslie's avatar

^^I listened to this guy on Anderson Cooper last night talking about how he helped catch the shooter. He said he saw one of the victims and he had his jaw shot off, but the guy was alert. It sounded like there might have been multiple shooters. I just wonder was the shooter or shooters picking this parade in particular? Or, just picking any large gathering?

KNOWITALL's avatar

We’re hearing locally that it was a personnal issue that got out of hand but still investigating. We are a red pro-gun rights state and either way whomever is involved will be shown no mercy here. I can guarantee you that.

MrGrimm888's avatar

^I presumed it was just some idiots that couldn’t get along…

KNOWITALL's avatar

Yep and they did not make it out before fans tackled them. Dumb kids.

JLeslie's avatar

@KNOWITALL Were they under 18?

Dutchess_III's avatar

Probably not @JLeslie.

janbb's avatar

^^ They’re being described as teenagers, last I heard.

KNOWITALL's avatar

@JLeslie Last night they said two were juveniles.

JLeslie's avatar

Tragic. They ruined their lives, the lives of so many others, and it is another damaging incident in our country.

This seems to be truly one of those cases if they didn’t have guns innocent people would not be hurt and dead right now.

MrGrimm888's avatar

^Juveniles are not legally allowed to buy, own, or even buy handgun ammunition.
In my state, you have to be 18 years-old to own/buy a “long gun.”
You have to be 21 years old to have handguns.
There is simply a huge black market, that supplies our nation’s children with firearms.

JLeslie's avatar

@MrGrimm888 I feel like communities that are gun oriented, where it is so much a part of their culture, are more likely to have guns. Assuming these guys aren’t gang members, I’m betting their families own guns, talk about guns, maybe even take them shooting. I could be wrong, I’m interested to know. When I was a teen it never would occur to me to buy a gun. No one talked about guns around me.

MrGrimm888's avatar

^Yeah. So, it never occurred to you, for one, because you’re not a violent psychopath.

I too admit I have no idea, really, what their reasons were for carrying, or shooting.

Given that they are juvies, we may not learn much.

As @Demosthenes said, What’s more American?

JLeslie's avatar

@MrGrimm888 I doubt these teenagers are psychopaths. I don’t argue that some mass shootings are done by very mentally instable people who needed help, but this shooting in Kansas City is sounding like people who were mad at each other, had easy access to guns, and innocent people got harmed in cross fire. Did they plan out shooting each other at a parade? That would be crazy and stupid actually. That seems different to me than a “typical” mass shooting that is thought about and planned ahead because of anger towards the group they are shooting.

janbb's avatar

@JLeslie I agree with you. There is no gun culture in my area and I have never in person seen anyone use a gun in anger – or madness.

JLeslie's avatar

Typo: unstable.

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