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In Asian restaurants what are the different types of beef in beef and broccoli?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24596points) February 25th, 2024
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I had some last week, and it tasted like deli meat.

Other places the beef tastes like steak, over deli meat.

Why the difference?

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Restaurants are different. Some make food well, and others cut corners and take advantage. Go to the places that make the food well. There is no definitive answer to what cut of beef goes in beef and broccoli. There are many valid options, but again, go to the places that don’t use deli meat.

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One is cat. One is dog.

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Probably because of “velveting”: They marinade the meat in a mix of cornstarch, baking soda and soy sauce, to soften and tenderise the meat, which makes the quality of the meat they use irrelevant. A great way for them to sve money. Maybe some places skip that step.

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@MrGrimm888 Pretty racist comment. The OP said “beef”.

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@MrGrimm888 Is not kidding, my ex’s father worked ata milking farm as herdsman. One of the employees was arrested for catching stray cats and selling them to a Chinese restaurant. They used cats instead of pork.

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I remember hearing about 20 years ago, about a Chinese restaurant that got shut down by the Health Dept because they found a dead deer (roadkill) in the food preparation area. I think it was in PA but I am not sure.

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Yes, I know it happens, but I still say it was racist and, not only uncalled for, but the OP said beef.

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Generally they use flank steak but you can use top sirloin, top round or even tri-tip. I worked in chinese restaurants in hs and college for a local professor.

The goal is to thinly slice, even partially frozen is helpful. One of my personal favorite dishes.

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@smudges – I took it as a joke.

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Sick racist joke at others’ expenses. Just my opinion.

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@smudges You don’t seem to understand Chinese restaurants have sold cat and dog on their menu without saying what meat was . . . which @MrGrimm888 was talking about !

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Just wow.

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Nothing wrong with eating cats and dogs.

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@Tropical_Willie Sheesh! I know that! It’s a shitty thing for him to say. How do you think the Asians on this site or who are visiting receive that??

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^History is shitty.
The comment was really directed to the OP.
He quotes Hannibal Lecter, in threads about my liver transplant. Dark as Hell. And funny.

There was a time, when some Asian restaurants served animals other than beef, but called it beef.

The several actual cases I think I recall, the meat was usually cat.
The restaurants had cat traps, in alleyways behind them.
It was probably a VERY rare thing. But. As most stereotypes do, it has a basis in reality.

Making both a light hearted joke, and being relevant to the thread.

If you have ever traveled abroad, you really do have to ask what meat you’re potentially eating. If you have any animals you’d rather not eat.

“Mystery Meat,” is synonymous with Asian cuisine. Really anywhere that’s overpopulated with people.

If any Asian people were offended by my comments, I am sorry.

Now. Has this molehill been made mountain enough, to move on?

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Asian here. I’m not offended by your answer at all. I’m actually not aware of people serving certain kinds of meat and calling them something else, but people here still eat dog meat. In fact, dog meat is so popular there is a song about it. The song is just someone praising how dog meat is so delicious. I don’t support eating dog, but that song is humorous as hell. And that is how I see your post, black humor.

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^I’m very happy that I didn’t offend you. You know I love ya Mimi.

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I, too, am glad you weren’t offended @Mimishu1995!

Sorry I didn’t see the humor, @MrGrimm888. It’s because there’s an aspect of truth to it that I didn’t find it funny.

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^I could have put a ”~” after the comment. To be more clear, that I was joking.
I just assumed nobody takes me seriously to begin with.

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