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If it was 1950 right now, what sort of questions would we see on fluther?

Asked by Just_Justine (6501points) March 18th, 2010
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I realise we would not be on computers, but let’s just imagine! what kind of questions would we be asking in relation to love, marriage, home, careers, cars, children. It would be really fun to imagine.

What type of things would we dare not say, what would be taboo then that is not now? What would we use instead of NSFW? which type of sex problems would we be having?

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Why aren’t all these women taking care of their babies and making supper instead of wasting time here?

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Well for one thing we wouldn’t be having any sex problems because I don’t think people actually started having sex until the 1960’s…....

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Sex wouldn’t even be talked about, no pregnancy questions and we wouldn’t talk to those dirty hippies, fags and darkies. ugh, that made me sick to type out. sorry bout the language, just making a point.

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What grease do you put in your hair? Tell me more tell me more hmm ah ah hmm ahh yeahhh.

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Is your computer kicking put all the cards you need to formulate an answer?

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The questions would not change much. How can I get someone to like me? Where can I get a job that pays well even though I am an idiot with no experience? I’m sick, but don’t want to see a doctor. What should I do?

They’d be just like the Fluther idiots of 2010. Except perhaps the 1950s models could type.

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does anybody have any good Jell-o recipes?

what are some themes for the Ladies’ church luncheons?

Ladies, do you get your husband his slippers and newpaper right when he walks in the door? has your husband ever yelled at your for not having his dinner ready?

what kind of liquor do you keep in your office liquor cabinet?

jca (36046points)“Great Answer” (19points)
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@jca so true! or why does my cake raise lopsided, I am a failure? I bet there was more liquor in the linen cupboard loll.

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I’m thinking of buying a turbine powered Chrysler when they’re available. Should I do this, or wait for a model powered by a nuclear reactor?

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Hmmm I know very little about the 50s. I’ve seen a few episodes of “I Love Lucy”. I wonder what Lucille Ball would be asking while Ricky was at work…. hmmm….

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How do you like your martinis? Dry? Or dry?

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Which Levittown is best?

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Do you like Ike?

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Will there ever be a day when women will wear trousers?

Several answer examples; Lawl dun be an eedjit it ain’t gonna happen. ’‘Puffs on pipe.’’

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When will nuclear war break out?

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We may be discussing the relatively new philosophy of Existentialism; we may be interested in the New York School of Abstract Expressionism which has just recently moved the center of the Art World from France to the United States; we might be concerned with the ethics of the use of nuclear weapons; we may be looking forward to a possible vaccine for polio; we may be discussing current literature, including new work by Norman Mailer and J.D. Salinger, we may be concerned about a new wave of anti-Communism bringing scandal to the State Department. Just a couple of topics.

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we had super exercise today, a walk in the park with a nice white bread sandwich after, I have to look after him you know.

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What kind of cigarette goes with roast beef? And will it hit my “pleasure zone?”

Why wife dropped my martini when I came home from work. Should I pop her in the eye, or somewhere less noticeable so the neighbors won’t think I lost control of her?

Can someone tell me what happened on the last episode of Captain Video?

My secretary won’t put out. Is this something I should complain to my wife about?

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What cigarette brand do you like better?

have you ever tried Menthol and is it good?

What do I do about boredom as a housewife?

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Why aren’t I born yet?

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Is smoking good or bad for you?

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@erichw1504 Ok let’s quit with the cigarettes now loll runs and hides

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No computers, we would have no fluther…..we would be innocent folk in a slower life full of sock hops

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How do you keep the pot roast from drying out? How do I get the lipstick stains out of my husbands collar? What does it mean if the lipstick on my husbands collar isn’t my shade?

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@newbee I’m pretty sure you’re joking but you should take a look at some vintage “adult movies” from the 1920’s or earlier. Watch it and then you’ll realize that everything has been done before.

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isn’t buddy holly just dreamy?

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@mrentropy I have seen some of those movies, I’m a pretty jaded old lady. But I just can’t imagine June and Ward Cleaver going at it like to wild pigs in heat. The 50’s was such an innocent era.

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@mrentropy ooh those are my favourite, love vintage porn.

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Gee, you’re a swell bunch of ladies and fellas. My hat is getting rather worn. Should I replace it with a fedora, a fedora, a porkpie, or a fedora?

@Just_Justine This is probably a topic all its own, but I like it more than modern stuff. Less fake.

@newbee I can’t imagine it either but mostly because it gives me the heebee jeebies to think about it.

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@mrentropy omg! the pork pie hahahaha. Yeah it’s so .. naughty? natural and well you know..;)

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@Just_Justine In fact, the conversation would probably be labeled NSFMC (not suitable for mixed company).

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What should I wear to the sock hop?

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At the World’s Fair I saw an exhibition showing a “Kitchen of the Future.” In it, they had a computer that was advanced, yet simple enough that even a woman could operate it. What do you think the chances of having a computer in the kitchen would be?

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Would white gloves be more fitting with a grey dress or red. Which hat is better for church? the one with the feather or too ostentatious?

My husband wants to place his member in my mouth is it clean?

(will I fall pregnant?)

do you know of a person who can “take care” of my unwanted pregnancy, in the back street?

Yes of course we are married! said to Hotel owner.

Pleased to meet you, I am Mrs John Smith and this is my husband John Smith.

“She is divorced” said behind hand in stage whisper whilst glancing in disgust.

She is a disgusting prostitute, that poor man might get an horrendous venereal disease like syphilis

No we don’t use french letters, we use the rhythm method silly..

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@mrentropy NSFSF not suitable for sensitive females.

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@rentluva5256 Bobbysocks and saddle shoes.

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Thank you @mrentropy Maybe now Elvis will return my letters!

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What’s with the Ruskies and this Sputnik stuff? They’re spying on us, aren’t they? Why can’t we just drop the bomb on those Stalin-lovers and get it over with?

What’s that hillbilly kid on TV doing shaking his hips like a goldurn Negro for, and how can I get my daughter to stop liking him?

I gave my daughter the Modess booklet, but she has more questions, and I don’t know what to do! What do I tell her? Can she or can’t she wash her hair during her “period”?

From the UK: What do you do when the rations booklet’s empty for the next fortnight, but your children can’t bear to look at another can of Spam luncheon meat? My son Michael is making terrible jokes about the situation and it is driving me mad.

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Does Howdy Doody have a sister?

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Seriously, what was the deal with washing hair thing? Where did people come up with that?

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“Should we really be in Korea fighting another war?”

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When does the milk man come to your house?

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Sitting in my Eames plywood lounge chair…

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Has anyone seen the leaked marilyn monroe sex tape?

Ltryptophan's avatar

Too soon?

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What kind of fallout shelter do you have in your backyard?

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What’s the best brand of eyeliner to use when drawing fake pantyhose seams on your legs?

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Now they are trying to give N***** the same rights as whites! Are we living in the end times?

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I wouldn’t be seeing any questions period.

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What is this internet you speak of?

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I’ll have my secretary draft up my questions for you as soon as she gets around to it

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Sen. Joe McCarthy: Cruisading American Hero or goober?
Is anyone manlier than J. Edgar Hoover?
Is Bess Truman acting ladylike?
Is it true the world will end in 1967?
I let my bf touch my knee, and now he is bragging to his friends!
Where do you put the gas in the new ‘51 Cadillac?
Is anyone manlier than Rock Hudson?
Should I fill out the Census?

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I hear fins on cars will go out of style. Tell me this isn’t true!

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Does the spoon go on the right or left of the knife?

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How much of a role should the Amriecan military still be taking in policing conflicts around the world?

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Lead in my pencil, check! Lead in my gasoline, check! Lead in the paint on my walls, check! Lead on the kids’ toys, check! Boy this stuff is wonderful…

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What does Eisenhower mean by “the military-industrial complex” anyway?

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NSFW: Does it really make you go blind? After how many times?

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@gemiwing said “Sex wouldn’t even be talked about, no pregnancy questions and we wouldn’t talk to those dirty hippies, fags and darkies. ugh, that made me sick to type out. sorry bout the language, just making a point.”

I partially disagree. Darkies, dirty hippies, fags, and the rest would be talked about but it would be OK to use the vile epithets for these groups and the talk would be vile.

If it was 1950 I would not be on Fluther. I would only be on the net places where us non whites are not badgered and that would be scarce.

If it was the 50’s, there would be a lot of questions and talk about the Cold War as well.

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How much Valium should I take to make me like cooking, cleaning and raising kids?

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Oh, my! Did you see that fluzie, Betty? I heard she got her degree and is going to work as a lawyer? Can you believe she does not plan to have kids?!!! And did you see that dress she wore to church Sunday? Why you could practically see half her chest!....etc….

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It’s interesting what a simplistic idea people have of the 50s. Not directed at anyone in particular, just an observation.

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I’m inclined to believe just as much went on then, the only difference is they did not talk about/admit to it and there weren’t as many people. I don’t think it was really that simple, it was just portrayed as simplistic.

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Isn’t IBM just a grand stock to own? What kind of Chevy do you drive? I think Bud and Alice are having sex… and they’re not even married yet! (That one I know for a fact from 1953.)

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You kids and yer sliced bread and yer television sets and automobile devices. Back in my day we had to use dried dirt bricks as our bread because we used the bread to bathe with. I had to push a hoop with a stick for entertainment!!! you kids respect your elders!!! and stay of my lawn!

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Does Mamie Eisenhower know her husband the President has a mistress?
Who thinks the Dodgers are making a big mistake moving from Brooklyn to LA?
What do you think about the schools in Topeka being integrated?
Should Joe McCarthy be allowed to blacklist people?
Whose idea was it to add :under God” to the Pledge of Allegiance?
Shouldn’t we get out of Korea and spend that money on problems here at home?
How can we stop our kids from listening to rock and roll?
Where does Elvis Presley live?

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Do you like my new poodle skirt?

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@loser GA, just for the idea of you in a poodle skirt… in 1950. I’m going to build a time machine now just to dare you.

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@loser Why, I find it quite delightful, dear!

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I’m pregnant and we aren’t married – what is the most effective way to induce abortion without dying?

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Is that Adlai Stevenson an egghead, or what? What’s he trying to pull? He’s just too gosh darn smart! I don’t trust people like him!

“Beats”? What are they beating?

What is Charles Van Doren going to do now that he’s been revealed as a liar and a cheat?

How much do I tip the guy who fills up my Edsel with Ethyl? Is it more if he cleans my windshield and checks my oil?

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“Has the growing popularity of the automible meant you are wearing less hats?”

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How many hours a day should I let my wife out of the kitchen?

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@JeffVader you liberals. Whaddaya talkin’ about “let her out”? For shopping or laundry, maybe.

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I get the milk delivered four times a day. I think it’s too much but when I question my wife, she and her mother just look at me and giggle. What am I missing?

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@CyanoticWasp I know, I’m too good to her really…. perhaps its time to reinstate the ‘rule of thumb’ :)

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@janbb And the follow up question to that would be, “Can I just do it until I need glasses?”

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What is the best medical treatment to cure my friend who’s suffering from a disease called homosexuality.

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How many whacks with a belt does it take for a child to learn a lesson?

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@JeffVader I thought you were going to say something else lmao

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@Just_Justine You’ve gotta love 1950’s Fluther :)

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What’s this keyboard thing in front of my… holy cow! gosh! gee whillickers! ... my little television on the table in front of me is in color!

But I can’t change the station, because there’s no knob. The darn thing takes forever to turn on, too.

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@CyanoticWasp all this talk of knobs, and belts and whacks “it’s frightful really”.

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How high can I get my beehive hairdo before my neck telescopes into my chest?

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@mrentropy I think that was the 60’s not sure though loll.

mrentropy's avatar

@Just_Justine Was it? Dang :( I’ll save it for the next decade then. What about those “cats eyes” glasses? 60s also?

Just_Justine's avatar

@mrentropy yeah I think fifty’s glamour was more about lips

mrentropy's avatar

@Just_Justine Crud. I broke the question :(

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Where do you buy the cutest HOUSEDRESSES?
Do you like Rock n Roll?
Who is your favorite? Veronica or Betty?
Do you iron your husband’s HANDKERCHIEFS? (sorry; this was my era so I know a little bit. lol)
What do you think of, I Married Joan?
Do you have a dishwasher? How much was it?
Do you let your kids read romance comic books?
Have you seen Tangee lipstick?
Do you have a mood ring?
Does she have a training bra yet?
How many Ban-Lon sweaters in Your closet?
How do you keep your seams straight?
What is on a Dagwood sandwich?
Do you like Gayle Storm?
How do you cool down your house?
Where can I get rolled and pleated seats for my Ford?
How do you starch your dungarees?
Do you like a pixie?
How did you learn to Jitterbug?
What records would you get for your jukebox?
Will you wear penny loafers when school starts?
Do you like Tru-Aid? or XXX Rootbeer?
Who the heck is dancing inside the cigarette box on the Old Gold commercials?
Do you like Dean or Jerry better?
Were you ever in the peanut gallery?
Is the Magic Mirror real?
Do you scrunch down or pull up your bubblegum socks?
Do you like ducktails?
Does your brand of menthol make your cold better? Which one?
Do you kiss on the first date?
Do you walk or take the school bus?
Does your doll wet her diaper?
Are you getting a television set?
Can you blow bubbles? Double Bubble or another brand?
Are you using a ball point pen yet?
Nightgown or pajamas?
Do blondes have more fun?
Do you have an icebox or a refrigerator?
Chanel #5 or Taboo?
Panstik or powder? Which do you use and why?
Do you like Strike Me Pink lipstick? Or Fire and Ice?

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Honey, where’s my Glenn Miller Album?

Austinlad's avatar

Do you think there’ll ever be away to use the phone outside?

aprilsimnel's avatar

@john65pennington – Don’t you mean Mitch Miller? Hahaha!

Kayak8's avatar

How do you aim your rabbit ears to get your best TV reception?

Would you spring for a luxury like a color set? What if there is nothing wrong with your console black and white?

Do you ever watch a program just because you don’t want to get up and change the channel? Do you have your kids change the channels instead?

NSFW Do you allow your children to watch the Ed Sullivan show?

I was snickered at behind my back at church for wearing a white skirt and shoes with matching bag. I admit it was a week after Labor Day, but don’t you think that is unreasonable?

I saw the giant “Howdy Partner” in neon lights in Las Vegas, I can’t imagine how many more lights they could possibly install there along the strip. Have you ever been to Las Vegas?

Dr_Dredd's avatar

My teacher told me that women can’t be doctors or lawyers? Why did she say that?

CyanoticWasp's avatar

I’m not sure what the questions would be, but they’d be in black and white.

My gosh, so would the answers, for the most part!

janbb's avatar

Black and white answers – now there’s a concept!

mrentropy's avatar

My socks keep falling down. Are garters really the answer?

CyanoticWasp's avatar

How much is acceptable to drink at lunch? Is three martinis really the limit, or can I get away with a fourth?

No one’s really going to care, are they? (And no one will smell it on my breath, either, since I’m smoking so much.)

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2nd Answer. “Dagnabit honey, gasoline just went up from 15 cents a gallon to 18 cents a gallon. when will it all end”?

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Will I get pregnant if I let my boyfriend kiss me?

Who knows how to replace a ‘56 Chevrolet cam shaft?

Where is the best “wrong side of the tracks” juke joint in your city?

…first three questions I thought of…

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“Why won’t my radio work? The tester at the drugstore says that the tubes are fine.

Dutchess_III's avatar

Do you think it’s right that female teachers are not allowed to be married?

dabbler's avatar

are there enough marshmallows in my jello ?

Nullo's avatar

“Do you think that we’ll be living on the Moon soon?”
“What do you think of that #$% Nazi von Braun working for the government? The man’s a war criminal!”

dabbler's avatar

technologists say we should have flying cars within ten to twenty years what do you think ?

aprilsimnel's avatar

3,649 versions of:

Should he and I go steady?

I think he might just want me to go park with him on Friday but my daddy would kill me if I did but I really want to and he said that he loves me so much and he’s so cute and we’re always holding hands and I’m wearing his varsity jacket at school so it’s OK right?

Dutchess_III's avatar

I heard you can’t get get pregnant the first time. Is this true?

suzanna28's avatar

what is a blowjob ?

dabbler's avatar

If it were 1890 right now, what sort of questions would we see on fluther?

Dutchess_III's avatar

@dabbler I imagine a lot of folks saying “WTH??? IT’S WITCHCRAFT!!!”

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How low did your last gasoline “price war” go?

The last one I remember, in the late ‘50’s or early ‘60’s brought the price from about $.22 down to $.12.

Dutchess_III's avatar

Wait! It’s 1951 now!

@Yetanotheruser I remember filling up my Vega for $5 in the 70’s.

noraasnave's avatar

What are all the health benefits of cigarettes again?

Dutchess_III's avatar

You own TWO cars?

Strauss's avatar

How much food do you have stockpiled in your bomb shelter?

LuckyGuy's avatar

When will the new Flying Cars come out?

jca's avatar

How many aprons do you own?

jca (36046points)“Great Answer” (0points)
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Did you know that McDonald’s puts radiation into their hamburgers??!! (Ok. Just move it to 1958 or so!)

Strauss's avatar

Bumper sticker: Don’t blame me, I was madly for Adlai!”

side note: my dad, a Democrat, was disappointed when they nominated JFK instead of Adlai Stevenson in 1960!

Dutchess_III's avatar

Do you like Jackie’s hair?

LuckyGuy's avatar

My TV takes a long time to turn on. Do I need to replace a tube?

Strauss's avatar

Do you think those new “TV dinners” are worth 98 cents?

Strauss's avatar

How do I convince my wife to let me meet the other guys down at Ray’s Tap on Saturday to watch the Athletics baseball game on the new color TV?

LuckyGuy's avatar

Could Martians be watching us right now?

LuckyGuy's avatar

How quickly will the UN stop the USSR and Chinese incursion into South Korea?
Details: The UN issued the ceasefire order in only 2 days – a fantastic show of unity and resolve. I give it 2 weeks before the whole dust-up is finished. How long do you think it will take?

olivier5's avatar

Who’s the hottest pin-up? Janet Pilgrim, Betty Page or Bunny Yeager ?

(Not safe for home!)

LuckyGuy's avatar

@olivier5 And that was before Photoshop!

olivier5's avatar

I caught my wife listening to Elvis Presley. Should I beat her up or file for divorce?

(to which the majority answer will of course be: “move on!”)

olivier5's avatar

@LuckyGuy I don’t know what you mean. There’s a Kodac shop a block away from here.

olivier5's avatar

Hey Americans! What’s the advantage of taking a bath more than once a month?

I’m French and I don’t understand this concept… Doesn’t your skin peel off if you wash it too often?

PS: thanks for saving us from the Nazis by the way!

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