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Why do my worries and concerns always get dismissed?

Asked by SergeantQueen (12834points) May 9th, 2022
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We have 3 puppy siblings and he’s doing everything you aren’t supposed to. I believe they are going to get that syndrome.

We had a dog who was breathing weird and had bumps on her back for years. She ended up dying because of fluid build up around her heart. I was young and couldn’t do anything. I told him so many times but he never listened.

We had another dog who would literally limp so bad he was hopping on 3 legs, and my dad still took him out to play because “he needs exercise”. Turns out he had severe arthritis. I would tell at my dad for still playing, he never listened.

That same dog had melanoma in his mouth and my dad thought it was a cut (before the tumor grew and was obvious, it just bled a lot). I told him something was weird and he never listened.

Now we have the puppies and I love them so much. They are so sweet and I just want them okay. I don’t want them to kill each other and I don’t want them to have that syndrome. I am so irritated that no one listens to me.

I get told “I’m too much of a mom”. “I worry too much.” “I overthink too much.”

What the hell. Am I just too nervous and worry too much??

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Probably a mix of you being his child, and the resulting attitude of “dad knows best”, and plain old sexism.

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It does sound like your Dad is an irresponsible dog owner. Whose dogs are they anyway? If they are yours or partly yours, maybe now that you’re a young adult, you could take them to the vet when you feel it is warranted.

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His dogs

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Probably at a certain point then, you’ll have to separate yourself from the family and move into your own place.

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Sounds like your father is JUST worried about the expenses involved.Money means more to him as some people have those concerns first and foremost in mind.

He IS listening to your advice but chooses to do nothing concrete about it.

Maybe get those pups to be adopted by owners who actually care about the animals welfare AND have the means to look after treatments if required.

Surprised that a vet didn’t tell him, or maybe they did and he chose to do nothing.

He displays irresponsible pet ownshership.
Another solution: talk to a vet to determine the best course of action in this situation.

( maybe work with the Vet part time.)

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Maybe you should respectfully defend your actions. Don’t argue or accuse.

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@SnipSnip You are funny! As if that works with him lol

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There’s definitely nothing you’re doing wrong, other than maybe doubting yourself too much.

As for what’s wrong with him? It’s definitely something but I couldn’t begin to guess.

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ooooooh he pisses me off! Arrogant, sexist, always right. Is your mom in the picture at all? I’m not sure because I don’t remember you mentioning her. Although even if she was and agreed with you, he’d probably ignore her too. He’s the problem, not you! You have a good head on your shoulders and there’s nothing wrong with your thinking. Don’t doubt yourself. I wish a bunch of us could sneak over and take those puppies to good homes. 8[

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They are in good a home. They aren’t being abused. It’s just my dad is an asshole.

I can’t lose the puppies, I’d rather die. They all I have right now.

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I just hope he treats them well and gets their vaccinations and gets them care when they need it. I trust what you say, but want to point out that just because a person, child or animal isn’t being blatantly abused doesn’t necessarily mean they’re in a good place. Neglect is a form of abuse, also.

I am glad that you seem to be bonding with them. :)

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They already have all vaccines, neutered/spayed, and go in on Saturday for more stuff like heartworm

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Sounded dramatic. I just can’t lose another dog so soon. Selfish I know.

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Not selfish. I get it, so do others here. So when can we see them and find out their names? LOL

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