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Have you ever been put to a lot of trouble through losing keys?

Asked by flutherother (34522points) June 8th, 2023
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No, I’m pretty good about my keys. I keep my house and car keys on the same key ring, and when I worked, I kept the keys to the building and to my office on the same ring, too.

I don’t know if it’s better to do it that way, but for me it works because I always have my car keys handy and don’t leave the house without them, and so therefore I always have all my keys and it’s not like anything is missing without me realizing it.

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Not since I put an airtag on them.

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I have at times forgotten my keys at home, and had to call the locksmith, at non-trivial expense. I now keep my keys permanently attached to my trousers with a lanyard.

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Are you aware that Lowes & Home Depot have the new computerized key makers. You can take a pic of your key & they can scan it into their computer & the machine will cut you a new key. You can also register your key with them & they can cut you a new key from your account. I haven’t tried it yet, so I can’t verify their accuracy. Still, it sounds like an alternative for those who lose their keys frequently.

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@Caravan Everyone should! I found keys yesterday at my curb when taking the trash to the street. The poor neighbor had left them on her bumper and was sobbing in distress. She leaves for vacation tomorrow and she couldn’t use her RV hitch. She was so happy afterwards. :)

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Well, there was that time I left them somewhere, maybe in a church, with my library card. I got a call but I never went back for them. (lol)

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^^ too funny! deja vu

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Shortly after I got my second car, I parked it at a park and went for a walk. I returned to the car, and didn’t have my key. I searched all over where I had been, for an hour or so. Then I had to find a phone (I didn’t have a mobile phone) somewhere, and phone someone who could go get me a spare car key from home, and come give it to me at the park.

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Not all at one time. My younger daughter lost her house key many times and each time I changed the lock and made new keys for everyone who needed one. I finally insisted my daughter wear her key around her neck on a chain underneath her clothing. That was the solution.

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30 plus years ago I locked my keys in the car and someone jimmy’ed the door open. I don’t even remember the exact situation, but I remember being shocked a lock could be popped that way.

Also, one time when I was a young kid I somehow locked my mom and me out of the house, and she was able to open a window and break into the house.

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