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How much do you notice advertisements?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (37536points) August 7th, 2023
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I was just reading an email I get from a national news source with some news of the day. There were 2 advertisements interspersed as I scrolled down reading the different stories. I realized after I deleted the email that I had no clue what the advertisements were for. I literally didn’t even look at them.

Facebook is full of ads. I look at quite a few of those and click on some, because they are targeted to what I’ve been searching for recently. They also are targeted to me since I’m gay, so they are made to appeal to my demographic. I’m more easily lured into spending time looking at those ads since they’re geared expressly for me.

I don’t watch TV, so I can’t say how many of those ads I would watch. I listen to streaming music from a source I subscribe to, so it’s free of ads.

When I want information about a product, I usually just search for it and read reviews. That search then triggers more ads for that product and rivals to appear on the various sites I visit on the internet.

How much do you pay attention to ads? Do you like it when they mirror your habits and searches online? Are you sometimes surprised by the ads that appear on your internet feeds? Do you click on any ads online to view the products?

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I don’t notice a lot, but I am aware that marketing trends are so sophisticated now that they are having an impact on me. They can’t be unseen or unheard, I undoubtedly have a reaction to them even if I don’t consciously pay attention.
The good news is that I am a tightwad who overthinks everything, so if I buy anything I research the hell out of it.

Except in museum or zoo or any gift shop of places like that, then I spend indiscriminately and stupidly on tchotchkes, coffee mugs, and t-shirts.

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Here’s a note to the internet gods about @canidmajor, put your goods in gift shops at museums and other such sites, and she’s sure to scarf them up.

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I go nuts at the PEZ Visitor Center close by! They could sell me a car.

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I don’t like advertisements and I avoid them as far as possible.

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I have had very hostile reactions towards most advertising, since I was a small child.

Because most of it is terrible in many ways.

I try to avoid and ignore ads. I use ad-blockers. I opt out of targeted ads, when possible. I try to avoid using platforms that don’t allow me to opt out of targeted ads. I don’t watch broadcast TV. If I’m watching something that has ads, I almost always either stop watching the thing, or skip the ads.

But when I do see and notice ads, I notice the awful things about them. And I hate the brands they advertise, for their awful ads (and whatever else they’re hate-able for – the ads inspire me to think about other ways those products are bad).

When I notice something seeming to target me with ads (despite my efforts to opt out), I respond with as much hostility as possible, looking for ways to disable any such f&@kery, following some random topics to throw them off, calling them out, complaining, etc. I find it a very nasty overreach into what should be privacy.

When I consider what products to consider knowing about or purchasing, and how to speak about products to others, I automatically scan my memory for negative things about those products, and their advertising is one of the main sources for that.

An ad has to be likable, and about something I actually like, for me not to treat it with hostility. And that’s pretty rare, for me. If it is something I actually like, I don’t mind clicking on an ad, though I will also consider the advertising channel, and whether or not clicking on an ad is rewarding some ad agency that I would hate, and so don’t want to reward them. But if it’s an ad on some content site that would be rewarded, then I sometimes consider that’s costing an advertiser I dislike, so I’ve sometimes clicked on those to cause costs and/or reward the content site.

But like you, if I want to know about something I think I might like, I tend to search for it myself rather than clicking on an ad.

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^Noted. @Zaku really – deep down – in his heart of hearts – hates ads.

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Hate ads! Honestly don’t trust them! Rarely pay attention other than to curse them for interrupting my show. But I record almost everything on broadcast tv that I want to watch, specifically to fast forward through ads. When I’m on the computer and have the tv on broadcast tv for silly older shows, when an ad comes on I mute it.

As far as the internet, I trust for reviews for sites that are trying to sell me something to see if they’re legit and what customer ratings are.

Remember the time before the government said that advertisers had to stop increasing the volume on commercials? Well, my mom told me that when I was little, like 3 or 4, when a commercial came on I’d come running into the room from wherever I was to watch it. I’m sure the noise got my attention. :D

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As little as possible.

If I’m watching TV, I will flip the channel rather than watch an ad.

On my computer, I have adblock and antitrackers turned on.

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Very little. When commercials are on my TV I am not usually paying attention to them.

On facebook I might clock on one a month.

When they pop up in news articles I don’t think I have ever purposely clicked on one, but sometimes I accidentally hit it and a page opens, and it pisses me off.

I am not much of a shopper, so maybe that is part of the reason I am not tempted to click on ads very much.

My husband likes TV commercials. If you said, “have you seen the commercial that…” He would be likely to know it, and I would be likely to not know it.

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@Hawaii_Jake Ads are often theatrical expressions of how much the advertisers think people are easily manipulated suckers.

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I use an adblocker everywhere, so I almost never notice any ads.

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I completely zone out on them, pass them by and never click on one.. They are a waste of my time.
I will pay to have them eliminated from my stream or view.

“There’s a sucker born every minute” ~ P. T. Barnum
caveat emptor

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Non-Fluther members get advertisements. I like some advertisements.

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i use an Ad blocker, Adblock Plus, on my laptop. and android phone. Some sites have required cookies so I either don’t bother with the site, or I accept but prohibit 3rd party use.

When I watch something on Youtube with my Roku my eyes go to the lower right hand corner and my finger goes on the enter button so i can click skip ad the millisecond it flashed up. It is a reaction time test for me.
I watch Youtube videos on my phone through Firefox with ad blockers. That is my music source for running. I deleted the Youtube app because there were too many ads.

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I notice a few, but I’m in that business.

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I don’t even hear them and don’t watch television with ads save some sporting events. They are blocked online.

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