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Does the color of your sheets contribute to the quality of your sleep?

Asked by elbanditoroso (33148points) November 19th, 2023
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Do you sleep better on blue sheets than on red sheets, for example?

Do you sleep better of solid-colors than on patterned sheets?

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For me, I think it does. I love colors, and sheets contribute to that feeling of satisfaction when I’m in bed.

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@smudges thanks, it’s good to know there is someone else like me. I sleep better on dark blue patterns than on reds or whites.

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I usually sleep in the dark with my eyes closed, so no.

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What @ragingloli said.

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My room is dark too. I don’t detect a difference due to color. I know I like cotton sheets best. I’ve tried silk and they were too slippery. l’ve tried flannel and they were too restrictive.

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I really don’t know if the color affects my sleep, as I’ve always bought dark blues and greens for my sheet colors. But maybe there’s something there.

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It’s not the color as much as the texture. High thread count sheets feel so luxurious.

I have never owned satin sheets, but a woman I came close to marrying did. It led to activity that always had me sleeping well.

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I love colours too but I prefer very subdued pastel coloured bed sheets. I feel a brightly coloured sheet, even I the dark, would be unsettling, even if only in my imagination.

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