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Would most Americans rally in support of their own country if China, Iran and Russia go to war with the US?

Asked by mazingerz88 (28790points) 2 months ago
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You would think that America would have a well equipped and willing and able militia? After all thats supposed to be the point of the second amendment? ... Right?

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I can remember the day I would have responded with a resounding YES; however, this last generation doesn’t givvafck about anybody but themselves, so they may be willing to let us go down. They have NO concept of a world they haven’t lived would be like so they think things would remain the same until the shit hit the fan!!!

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Yes. After 9/11 people there was a surge in military enlistments in the US. And half the population was persuaded we had to invade Iraq because a small Saudi-financed group of mostly Saudis attacked us.

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It all depends on the why and how.
If it is just Russia, there is a sizeable percentage of people who would side with Putin, because they think he is just such a great guy, a tremendous guy, and if he starts a war with the colonies, surely he is justified in doing so.
If it is all 3 together, it depends on who starts it. Remember you just came out of 2 decades of unjustified resource wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the latter which resulted in a complete clusterfuck. If the colonies start the war, people would justifiably think “why the fuck are we starting another war? fuck off!”
If the opposing side starts the war, it depends on the stated reasons for it. Is it as retaliation for helping Ukraine and Taiwan? Then again, a large number of people, who already thought Putin was in the right to invade Ukraine, would call for “negotiations”, aka, “you stop attacking us, and you can have the rest of the world and we will give you California and NY as a bonus, because they are so woke.”

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I have 2024. Thirty years ago, I would have said 100% yes. But now there are plenty of Americans who claim to be patriots but don’t truly have much love for country, only themselves. They would support the enemy that most closely reflected their authoritarian outlook.

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If they are on our soil, absolutely.

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Nope. You’d have people protesting in the streets, blaming the US for getting attacked. We’ve see too much of that in the past decade and it just keeps getting worse. Too many people have made excuses and actively supported bad behavior. Logic and common sense are things that only we old people have and not even all of us.

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Edit redacted.

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People would be sorry when we start getting locked up for being gay, being Muslim, speaking against the State, etc. and then it would be too late.

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The US does deserve retaliation from many different countries and people.
However. If the actual homeland were under attack, I think most people would support a war.

Of course there would be some protesting. It depends on why this hypothetical war begins, as far as who would be upset.

The US, to me, is like a family. We fuss, and even fight each other at family gatherings.
But. If someone in the family gets in trouble, we’re all going to jump in.

An actual invasion, wouldn’t be possible. And if it somehow came to that, it would be a MASSIVE strategic blunder to try and walk the country down, house to house.

The more intersection question might be, “what would happen if power grid went down in America?” In that case, we would be our own worst enemies.

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My son-in-law is from Poland. He would support the U.S. in any conflict.
My other son-in-law is from Argentina. He will not support Argentina in any conflict, other than the World Cup.
My daughter-in-law’s parents are from Korea. She would support the U.S. in any conflict with North Korea.

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Yes, of course most Americans would support the US if China, Russia, or Iran went to war against us.

What exactly do you mean? A war literally fought on US land? Or, are you talking about Americans being on the same side as Iran for the Middle East conflict? Or, if China attacks Taiwan?

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^^All kinds. Mainland US or overseas with US allies.

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Protest and doing anything possible to make peace is the only rational course of action when 2 (or more) nuclear powers go to war against each other. I’m not sure if people have forgotten what happens in a global thermonuclear war, but it’s not good for the liklihood of life surviving on the planet.

A strange game. The only winning move is not to play

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@mazingerz88 I think a lot of Americans are oblivious to anything happening on lands outside of the US. The only thing that perks some of those people up is instating a draft. They might care about a news flash for a day or two when a bomb goes off in a foreign country, but it’s fleeting.

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Let’s hope it never happens because we’d lose our asses.

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